Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Do you think romance is different in autumn? Test it

1. Imagine you are back home from the office. How do you spend your spare time?

a) Read favorite books and watch movies.

b) Dedicate the time to body care and have bath with aroma salt, body lotions, have manicure, pedicure and hair care.

c) Listen to the music, draw, dance or play with a cat.

d) Make work plans for tomorrow and complete work that remained unfinished when the workday was over.

2. You noticed street dancers on your way home. What is your reaction to them?

a) I do not care about street dancers, such things are seldom interesting for girls.

b) I will halt for a while to see if there are handsome and muscular guys among them. They may chance to see and like me.

c) It is very interesting! I will come up to them to watch them closer and request for an express master class to teach me move nicely in a dance.

d) It is so silly of them to idle away their time dancing in the street! They should better get education and find some job.

3. You certainly take care of your figure. What kind of sports do you enjoy to feel fit?

a) Evening jogging with a music player.

b) Dancing as it makes body athletic and incredibly sexy.

c) Bicycle, roller skates and skateboard.

d) I go to a gym when have spare time.

4. Where do you usually have lunches?

a) In a small cosy café with soft sofas, unobtrusive romantic music and rich tea menu.

b) A rather expensive restaurant with stylish interior and waiters ready to fulfill any of your whims.

c) I can have a snack of a bun or a hamburger at the moves, or drop into a sport bar if have time.

d) I prefer places that offer a good business lunch at a minimum price.

5. You are at home and suddenly hear someone ringing your doorbell, but when you open the door you see no one there but a basket full of nice flowers in front of your door. What do you think this must be?

a) How wonderful it is! Is it really for me? It is a big mystery for me who must be the sender and it will be hard to solve the mystery.

b) Oh, he would have made me happier if presented me with a luxurious auto!

c) It is such a nice surprise! Why has he run away? The escape spoils the whole of the impression unfortunately.

d) He should not have wasted money and my nerves on this idiotic trick!

6. You think an ideal date is:

a) A romantic supper with candles together.

b) A wonderful party that you leave together with him and further spend time doing something interesting.

c) Riding bicycles or roller skates together.

d) When he appreciates my time and takes me out to have business lunch together.

7. When invited to the cinema what kind of a film would you like to see?

a) A drama.

b) A youth comedy.

c) An adventure film or cartoons.

d) A historical film.

8. What is your attitude to a civil marriage?

a) I think in case a couple wants to be together they should have an officialregistration of their union.

b) It is a too serious phase of a relationship. I am not sure that I am ready to start it.

c) If partners have an opportunity to live together to know how each of them reveals in co-living and to get closer they should certainly take advantage of the opportunity.

d) It is too troublesome for busy people. However I think a civil marriage is necessary to get adapted to a family life.

9. Things to be always discovered in your handbag:

a) A favorite book or a magazine.

b) Cosmetics for any sort of makeup!

c) A photo camera, CD player and CDs with music.

d) Daily planner and a pen.

10. What is your favorite holiday of the year?

a) St.Valentine’s Day.

b) My birthday certainly.

c) New Year and Christmas.

d) International Women’s Day.

Count your results.

The “A” reply prevails: you are very romantic by nature; you expect care and tenderness from your partner and want serious and long relationship. The man you need belongs to the sphere of art, earns a lot and can give you an atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable. You can meet such a man in a museum, at a photo exhibition, in a concept café or at a concert of your favorite music band. Put on a dress or a skirt, wear high heels and throw a shawl over the shoulders. The romantic image will attract such a man and he will come up to you to get acquainted.

The “B” reply prevails: you like to be in the center of people’s attention and love when your looks stun men. At that it is a big mystery for you why you are still unhappy in your private life. It is no good to sit and wait for an oligarch to come and make you happy. It is quite enough to start relationship with an unspoilt man who earns enough money. You can meet such a man in a restaurant during the day. Such men love comfort. Be more serious and he will pay attention to you as he does not always like vivid girls.

The “C” reply prevails: men often treat you rather as their friend not as a woman. Your lifestyle is active, you take interest in everything around you and are ready to share your energy with other people. You can find your happiness with a romantic man ready to share all of your interests. Such men are usually in search of a girl like you. Like you this man admires outdoor activities such as open parties and street festivals.

The “D” reply prevails: you are a person of great ambitions and a climber. But mind that no good career will make you happier in private life. You need a caring man to make you forget the daily office routine and raise your spirits. You must have not been to parties for quite a long period! It is time to call your friends and go to a club. Forget the business, put on something feminine and enjoy your time there. Men will certainly notice you if you manage to forget that you are not a business woman right now at a party.

Translated by Maria Gousseva