Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

A little bit of fetish is perfectly healthy

Now the word fetish (from the French word ‘fetishe’ meaning ‘an idol, a mascot’) is very popular and has even given rise to the phenomenon of fetishism.

Sexologists think that fetishism is a deviation that reveals in erotic attraction to various animate and lifeless objects, parts of human body and elements of clothes.

It is known that when deeply absorbed in fetishism a sexually mature person may give up the physical need of keeping up close contacts with other persons. Fetish is some particular item with no spiritual meaning, at that a deviant imbues really very exquisite sexual fantasies into it, ascribes incredible capabilities and exotic characteristics to it.

A fetishist usually does not take the real financial or political situation, also feelings of a partner into consideration.

A pair of pants that a fetishist has stolen from his girl-friend may give him a wide range of sensations, and this man can give way to his sexual fantasies imagining how he pulls the pants off his girl and makes love to her.

There is a great variety of fetishes, and every deviant has preferences of his/her own.

There is fetishism of human body parts (nose, ears, bosom, hips, buttocks, ankles), fetishism of scars when a deviant gets ecstatic over scars left after traumas, cuts and surgery on the body of his woman.

Fetishism of clothes includes all kinds of clothes starting with tights and bonnets to gloves and fur coat.

Fetishism with women reveals in attraction to men’s tattoo, intricately shaped moles, piercing, beards, mustaches, hairs on the body and uniform, basically military one. Women fetishists reveal particular attraction to items of clothes of their idols. They say that if a woman fetishist manages to somehow get elements of clothes (handkerchief, pants, socks or gloves) belonging to an actor or singer she admires the things obtained may bring her an ocean of orgasm.

At that, psychologists state that any of us has a small individual sexual fetish. It makes sense using these fetish elements to make ordinary sexual life less monotonous and add some drive to it. Sexy underwear is just the most popular and the simplest kind of fetishism. Manufactured of thin laces, light silk, thin leather or soft erotic latex such lingerie emphasizes the wonderful relief of a woman’s body. Sexologists say that latex raises body temperature which in its turn results in high excitability.

Strong erotic scents that a partner evaporates also give really unforgettable sensations! Surprising erotic souvenirs presented to your partner may also bring unexpected emotions to both of you. So, do not be scared with fetish as a little bit of fetish is quite normal and healthy for us.

Translated by Maria Gousseva