Truth about John Kennedy’s assassination will never be unveiled

John Kennedy died because he was in opposition to a group of Texan oligarchs. But Americans prefer not to speak much about the version as it is very much compromising for George W. Bush. In addition, the US president who advocates placing missile complexes near Russian borders does not like the fact that it was Kennedy who liquidated a US base in Turkey. Political correspondent of the Soviet TV and radio, Professor of the Institute for the USA and Canada Studies Valentin Zorin gave an interview to about his meeting with US President John F. Kennedy.

Now when people speak about John Kennedy they rather mention him as a playboy and discuss his love affairs not political achievements. But despite the fact that he was the president of the USA for less than three years he is now considered one of the few most outstanding American presidents over the entire history of the country. Being acquainted with John Kennedy personally, Valentin Zorin particularly emphasizes that the US president was a very attractive and charming person.

Kennedy dared to destroy some of the stable Washington traditions when appointed his close friend Pierre Salinger his press-secretary and his brother Robert Kennedy attorney general. Valentin Zorin first met President Kennedy during a visit of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to Vienna where he had a meeting with the American president. The political correspondent was part of the delegation that accompanied Khrushchev. He later several times met the American president in unofficial atmosphere in Washington, and the meetings revealed Kennedy as an absolutely charismatic person with brilliant mind and strong will, a perfectly educated one. Many people do not remember that during the Caribbean crisis the world was on the brink of a thermonuclear catastrophe, and it was thanks to Kennedy’s efforts that a catastrophe was averted.

Valentin Zorin thinks that it was not Kennedy but Khrushchev who incited the tense situation. It was a risky action to deploy Soviet missiles in Cuba. Robert Kennedy and Soviet Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Dobrynin were the two mediators who helped solve the conflict. Within several days they helped find a solution of the problem situation that would be agreeable for both parties. That situation demonstrated perfectly well that the world was so much fragile. John Kennedy took several steps that made the relations between the USA and the USSR less tense.

Withdrawal of Soviet missiles from Cuba was not at all one-way concession of Moscow. In return, Americans liquidated their army base in Turkey from which then Soviet city of Baku could be reached by air in eight minutes. But the American press prefers to hush up the story. Now when the USA tends to deploy its army bases close to the Russian borders Americans would not like to mention that John Kennedy once liquidated the base located right at the Soviet borders.

Valentin Zorin says that at the time when Washington haughtily loves to teach Russia democracy the killing of John F. Kennedy known as the crime of the past century is not yet solved; what is more no efforts are made to unveil it. Serhan Serhan t he man related to the killing is still alive jailed in Los Angeles. He was put to prison for killing Robert Kennedy but the man he surely knows something about killing of John F. Kennedy.

Many experts on America believe that the conspiracy in Dallas was organized by a group of billionaires from Texas with Harold Hunt at head. The man was considered the world’s richest man of that time. The Texas businessman took an active part in the political life of America; he nominatedTexas senator Lyndon Johnson for presidential election in 1960. The first attempt to promote Johnson was a failure, but Hunt finished the game in Dallas as a result of which Kennedy was killed and his candidate came to the White House.

In connection with the killing of Kennedy by Texas oligarchs and today’s inertness in investigation of the crime Valentin Zorin reminds that both Bush, father and son are oilmen belonging to the same group. And they would not like to cast a shadow on the group by launching any new investigations. So, the political correspondent of the Soviet TV and radio believes it is the reason why the USA today does not employ the potential it holds to investigate the killings of Kennedy brothers.

Both Kennedy were in opposition to the group of oligarchs seeking governmental positions. Texas billionaires with Hunt at head decided to conspire against Kennedy. Six months before the tragedy President Kennedy initiated legislation on increasing taxes on produced oil. Today’s Washington leaders who came from Texas do not like mentioning the fact. Zorin tells that he spoke about the fact during his last visit to the United States but his highly qualified young colleagues said ‘Oh, professor it is unlikely!’ But when he told them to look this legislation up in the archives they said the legislation actually existed but Kennedy had no time to pass it. But Valentin Zorin thinks that President Kennedy was not allowed to pass the legislation.

The official version of killing the president’s brother Robert Kennedy gave rise to lots of questions. Valentin Zorin tells that right after the death of John Kennedy he happened to be in Dallas where he conducted an independent journalist investigation. In three days after killing Robert Kennedy he also arrived in Los Angeles to look into the situation. The expert says that both cases are purposefully made complicated.

As for the Dallas killing, it is perfectly clear that America’s tough security measures would not make it possible for any stranger to approach Oswald who was considered the killer of President Kennedy and even kill him. But within two years after Oswald’s death sixty two people more who could have testified upon the Kennedy killing died under not clear circumstances. The taxi driver who took Oswald home from the book stack died in a week after that day. Later, more fatal instances with people who knew something about the crime followed.

Valentin Zorin was also present at a press-conference at the hospital where Robert Kennedy died. The few journalists present at the conference could see a document saying that Robert Kennedy had a gunpowder burn on the back of his head. At that, it is clear that such a burn may appear if a victim is shot point-blank. It is known that Serhan Serhan fired Robert Kennedy from the front while the fatal shot was made from behind. The sensational document was demonstrated just within the first three days after the crime but later vanished from the case. According to Valentin Zorin, a bodyguard standing behind Robert Kennedy shot him point-blank. Indira Gandhi was killed the same way .

The reason of the killing was probably death-feud between the FBI bosses and Robert Kennedy. Edgar Hoover was the FBI founder and was considered the most powerful man in the sphere. When Robert Kennedy became the chief prosecutor Hoover formally became his subordinate. At the same time, it was known that Robert Kennedy did his best to remove Hoover from his position.

Valentin Zorin was interviewed by Ilya Tarasov

Translated by Maria Gousseva.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov