Fashion designer Yudashkin to make uniforms for Russian soldiers

Russian armed forces will soon get uniforms of a new design, said Army General Vladimir Isakov, deputy defense minister and chief of support services of the Russian armed forces. Gen. Isakov made the statement while speaking to journalists in Moscow on May 23 during an exhibition of combat fatigues for Russian Special Forces.

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov took the opportunity to tell the journalists that the Russian military uniform needed modernizing. When asked about things he was planning to change in the armed forces (e.g. communities’ infrastructure, welfare of troops or uniform) following his recent visits to units stationed across Russia, Serdyukov told the journalists that he would opt to change the uniform.

“Today we are considering proposals relating to changes to be introduced to a full dress and semidress uniform for all kinds of personnel of the Russian armed forces,” said Gen. Isakov. According to Gen. Isakov, the new uniforms are being designed with active participation of the heraldry department and leading Russian fashion designers including Valentin Yudashkin. The project is under the supervision of the Central Research Institute of Sewing Industry.

Designs should be based on the most appropriate combination of new technologies, ergonomics and traditions of the Russian army uniform, said Gen. Isakov. “Making changes for the better should be the main motivation behind any modernization,” said Gen. Isakov, chief of support services of the Russian armed forces.

Nanotechnologies will be used for developing combat fatigues used by Russia’s Special Forces, said 1st. Class Captain Vladimir Bogomolov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. Members of the Russian Special Forces will be using uniforms comprising four basic layers, which would be fully interchangeable depending on climatic conditions and specifics of a mission.

Journalists could take a closer look at five types of the fatigues with which the Russian Special Forces will be equipped in the near future. A reconnaissance airborne regiment of the Russian army has been already issued 25 sets of the new uniform for a field test.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is to consider and approve new types of the uniform for different branches of the armed forces this fall, said Gen. Isakov. It is worthy of notice that the latest changes of the Russian military uniform took place in the fall of 2005. The changes resulted in the reintroduction of papakhas or tall fur caps and collars made of astrakhan for generals and colonels of the Russian army.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov