Marilyn Monroe was killed by lover and friends?

A mysterious death of the world’s most popular blonde beauty is still an exciting secret for people even 45 years after the tragedy occurred. If Marilyn Monroe was just a popular actress and nothing else the version saying her death was suicide could be considered verisimilar. But the fact that the actress was involved into the life of US’s political circles implies that her death could be a dirty intrigue. Monroe’s death is a killing not suicide as was believed earlier, this thesis appeared a couple of years ago as it seemed quite incredible that such a charming lady could commit suicide at all. These days, it is getting clearer how the famous blonde died.

A new theory to shed light upon the causes of the beautiful actress’s death appeared thanks to pedantry and insight of Australian film maker Philippe Mora who carefully studied the documents pertaining to the tragic death that have been recently declassified and published the results of the study in Sydney Morning Herald. Now that the documents are made public hopefully the mystery of Monroe’s death that has been so much intriguing for the past decades will be solved. People were so eager to know for what reason Marilyn’s glory waned, and Philippe Mora has found the reason. It turns out that Monroe’s death that looked very much like suicide was in fact the result of a terrible plot where the actress’s very close people were involved.

FBI’s declassified documents prove that US’s Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy who also was Marilyn’s lover, highly likely had a hand in the plot. The terrible plot implied that people close to the actress would try to induce her to suicide. Marilyn’s psychiatrist Ralph Greenson who was treating her for emotional problems and getting her off the use of barbiturates that later turned out to be fatal for her, Monroe’s housekeeper Eunice Murray, actor and journalist whom Marilyn considered her friend Peter Lawford and with whom she was keeping friendly relations since 1949 were the accomplices. It is not ruled out that Robert Kennedy was an accomplice as well. In any case, he was perfectly aware of the plot, and the earlier classified documents prove it.

The 36-year-old popular actress was found dead in her bed absolutely naked on August 5, 1962. Post-mortem examination revealed that Marilyn died as a result of a barbiturate overdose. At the same time another version of the tragedy appeared that suggested it was probably suicide as investigation discovered a great number of questionable details. The conspiracy theory in connection with Monroe’s death also arose long ago but it was rather vague. In general, it was supposed that the death of the famous blonde was too much advantageous to Kennedy brothers, the president and attorney general of the USA. It was said that Marilyn somehow learnt details of shady deals between the brothers and a mafia organization headed by legendary singer Frank Sinatra. The woman turned out to be an obstacle for them as she could one day decide to make the scandalous transactions public.

Now it is getting clear that Marilyn’s close friend Peter Lawford who aimedat exterminating the actress was the conspiracy organizer. Monroe maintained warm friendly relations with Peter Lawford but in fact the British actor was in much closer relations with Sinatra, money and cover-up is meant. He was also married to Patricia, Kennedy’s sister, and the fact meant that he wanted to do favor to the mighty brothers rather than care for friendship with the scandalous actress. So, Marilyn had no idea that she cherished a vile snake in her bosom.

The declassified FBI documents say that Peter Lawford learnt from some of Marilyn’s friends that the actress was thinking about simulating suicide to draw people’s attention to her personality and revive their interest in her. Supposedly, the actor with the assistance of other accomplices induced Marilyn to suicide and persuaded her that it would be just a simulation. He promised that shortly after the actress overdosed her friends would come and save her life. The woman believed her close friend and agreed to simulate suicide hoping it would be done just for effect. Unfortunately, the ending of the show turned out to be quite different from what Marilyn expected. The accomplices let her die. They did not lift a finger to help the actress when she lost consciousness.

The FBI secret documents do not mention any motives that guided the accomplices to kill the actress. However, the documents drop just few hints at the reasons why the killing was planned. The whole of the plot probably arose from a love affair between Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. When their love just began Kennedy reportedly promised to divorce his wife to marry Monroe but he never did it. It is not ruled out that the willful actress threatened that she would make all intimate details of their love affair public. The US attorney general probably resorted to resolute steps to save his reputation.

It is believed that Lawford contacted with Marilyn’s psychiatrist and offered him a deal. During Marilyn’s last visit to the psychiatrist he prescribed 60 tablets of the barbiturate Seconal which was unusual in quantity as the woman saw the doctor frequently. The secret documents also say that Monroe’s housekeeper placed a bottle with the tablets on her dressing table after the actress plunged in a narcotic sleep. O n the day of her death, Kennedy flew from Los Angeles to San Francisco via Western Airlines and checked into the St Charles Hotel. He then made a phone call from the hotel to Peter Lawford to find out if Marilyn was dead yet. The actor called Matrilyn’s home phone number and later informed the attorney general that nobody picked up the phone.

Philippe Mora, the author of the eye-popping publication insistys that the declassified FBI document is undoubtedly genuine but he still hesitates that the events stated there actually happened. And he wonders if the document is actually the solution of one of the greatest mysteries in history or just dirty tricks of the Kennedys’ opponents. The extraordinary report titled “Robert F. Kennedy” was received by the FBI on October 19, 1964 and was immediately classified.


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov