Tribal and Asian nations have flabbergasting approach to sexual relationship

Researchers stress the point that courting rituals and sexual techniques vary not only among different individuals but among different nations as well. Sex is portrayed from the male point of view in most ancient treatises on love, whereas the woman is given the role of an object of the man’s desire and activity, or the role of his partner in a few cases. The woman can take charge of sexual activity only in some of the Tantric sects.

Everyday emotions felt by partners in different societies can vary a great deal, ranging from love and tenderness to hostility and aggression. It is small wonder. Take a look at the Papuans of the Dobu tribe, for example. They normally kidnap women for romantic purposes out of enemy tribes. Therefore, there is a love-hate relationship between the spouses. A husband is afraid of his wife day and night, so to speak.

Members of the Gousia tribe in southwestern part of Kenya advocate a sadistic kind of sexuality. The woman is supposed to fight her partner tooth and nail during sexual intercourse. In his turn, the man derives special pleasure from abusing his woman physically. The woman is also supposed to tease her partner in the foreplay. Meanwhile, the man takes pleasure in full by watching his woman moan and cry from abuse and pain inflicted by himself. This kind of sexuality is shaped in childhood. Girls are reprimanded for showing premature interest in sex, whereas boys are reprimanded and encouraged alternately. A special rite is performed to top off this sort of sexual “education.” Shortly after being circumcised, male teenagers are taken to a secluded place where they meet with naked girls of the same age. The girls start dancing lasciviously to the point of causing erection of the boys’ freshly clipped male members. Needless to say, the boys double up from excruciating pain as the girls hold them up to ridicule.

The attitude toward erogenous zones of the body varies too. The female breasts (pictures) are a sort of erotic “magnet” attracting attention of most European and African males. However, the breasts mean nothing to the males from a Polynesian tribe of Mangaia. The tribesmen believe the above body part can be of interest for a hungry suckling only.

The missionary position is a position for sexual intercourse when the couple lies face to face with the male on top. Europeans have been practicing it from time immemorial yet some peoples see this way of lovemaking as both uncomfortable and indecent. Those peoples have favored and still favor a different position with the man approaching the woman from behind. European males regarded the woman as an asexual creature even in the 19th century. The woman was told to lie still during sexual intercourse. Unlike the European males, the Mangaian men took a more democratic stand on sex. They believed that the woman was supposed to move constantly during coitus, and both parties involved in a sexual congress were supposed to do their best for bringing each other to a spectacular orgasm.

Exquisite sexual and erotic techniques have gradually shaped up in societies where sex was treated as a matter of great importance (India, China). The techniques were sometimes ranked as some kind of religious cult. The ancient Chinese sexual technique reads rather curious today. According to the technique, the man was supposed to bring the woman to orgasm without ejaculating in the process. To fulfill the goal, the man should absorb the feminine principle yin while saving his own masculine principle yang intact. It is thought that the more yin he gets without sharing his yang with the woman, the stronger he will grow.

The Kama Sutra remains a classic love manual, a watershed in the rich tradition of Indian erotica. The Kama Sutra was written by the sage Vatsyayana about two thousand years ago.

The sage described 84 love positions in his book. His followers have added about 650 positions more to the list.

Ashram Rajnish, a modern advocate of neo-Tantric doctrine, has devised a philosophy of sexual relationships between two genders. Rajnish is confident that “all life exists through sex; all life comes forth into being from sex.” His disciples claim that they can elevate above ordinary physical sex.

They use “supersex” as an instrument for perceiving the spirit. The concept is frowned upon by the West and many spiritual masters of the East alike. Rajnish has a rather nonconformist view on modern marriage, which he calls a variety of legalized prostitution. Love comes and goes yet people keep sharing their loveless world. “Living together for the sake of security, living together for financial support, living together for any other reason safe for love makes marriage a legalized kind of prostitution,” said Rajnish in one of his interviews.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov