Moscow teens develop their own emo-culture, worshipping depression and sadness

In Moscow teenagers popularize the emo subculture. Its name comes from the English word ‘emotion’. An emo kid, one of the subculture, can be distinguished from others by his brightly lined eyes, ragged fringes on one side and basically rose and black colored clothes. Emo boys varnish their nails black and look so lean as if they eat nothing at all. Emo girls wear amusing hair pins, spotted hair bands and T-shirts with The Sponge Bob Square Pants on them. Emo kids are never ashamed of their tears and may absolutely give themselves up to crying in public.

Often, emo kids are extremely vulnerable depressed teenagers with the sensitiveness and ingenuousness of a kid which explains why the subculture is called emo kids.

Emo kids may get into a bad mood in an instant and then quickly be elated again. Some of them cry out ‘You make me cry!’ in the address of an offender and others shed tears out of pity for a stray dog.

The sad subtle looks of emo kids may slightly resemble Goths. But unlike Goths emo kids never get together at cemeteries and do no dream of dying. They are advocates of everything living by their sides! The main goal of any emo kid is to find a real love as pure and passionate as the tears they shed. When fallen in love, an emo kid gets passionately plunged deep into the feeling and can be compared to the romance of Romeo and Juliet. But emo kids say they will suffer till the end of their lives in case they have an unrequited love. An emo boy named Kolya, 16, says that love is an ideal feeling, and adds that it is quite natural of any human to be terribly upset when disappointed in love. “An emo kid will hardly say he is OK at the time when his heart is breaking,” the emo boys states.

Music makes emo kids particularly passionate. It makes their hearts tremble and causes tears in the eyes. The music called emo-core includes various musical styles, hardcore, indy, punk rock and others. It is not difficult to recognize an emo song among a hundred of other songs. An emo song is usually a heart-rending narration about an unhappy love, injustice, violence and cruelty accompanied with crying, groans and screaming. “My Chemical Romance”, “From First to Last”, “Yage”, “From Autumn to Ashes” absolutely definitely belong to the emo core.

Crowds of emo kids flood dancing halls with tears during emo fests which is just another extreme. True emo kids often have a little cry over sad love songs but never make a show out of it. An emo girl Kseniya says that music makes emo kids feel and experience. “If a song is touchy never be ashamed of crying over it, and it concerns every aspect of life not only music,” the girl adds.

But sometimes the inability to have control over themselves may have lamentable consequences for emo kids. At a recent emo fest, a pathetic girl aged about fifteen with a flower and a stuffed Teddy Bear in her hands stormed a club. When the security would not let the girl in, she picked up a glass bottle, broke it and cut her veins. Thank God there were doctors nearby, and the emotional ‘terrorist’ was given medical aid in time.

True emo kids are absolute strategists who lead and popularize a healthy way of living. An anorexic guy with a cigarette and a bottle of beer dressed in emo clothes and having emo attributes is an under-emo. Emo boy Kolya says that there can be no middle-of-the-road emo kids. Emo kids are always true; otherwise these are just people who want to be fashionable.

Indeed, there are not so many true emo kids in Moscow. More and more teenagers wear fashionable clothes and fringes on one side that are typical of emo kids. They like the name ‘an emo kid’ and proclaim themselves to be belonging to the subculture. This explains why the emo culture has many followers and also numerous enemies. Many people today feel angry with emo kids.

Emo is a lifestyle for the teenagers who belong to the subculture. Emo boys look much more amusing than emo girls. It is typical of females to dress up, but boys dressed in bright tight clothes look queer. Some may suppose by their looks that these are gays but it is absolutely wrong. Emo boys are just extremely neat and well-groomed as well as girls. At first glance it may seem that there is little difference between an emo girl and an emo boy.

Emo kids love the same things that other teenagers do: they keep friends, love, smile and cry, go to the cinema or to concerts. Emos just take the world around them in a more emotional way.

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov