Unfortunate lover jumps out of the window and lands on a mugger

Slava, a resident of the city of Bavlov, Tatar Autonomous Republic, was visiting an apartment of his lady friend one day. He was about to charm the woman into a quickie when the doorbell rang. Slava had to flee the apartment by jumping out the window. Much to his amazement, he landed on a robber who just relieved his victim of a fur hat.

The story looks quite typical. Slava’s female colleague, a married woman, took his fancy. So he began to court her by giving flowers occasionally and paying compliments all the time. At times the woman allowed him to see her home but that was all. Slava must have been persistent in his amorous pursuits. The woman’s husband, an oilman, was away on an oil rig, and she agreed to see Slava at her apartment. Slava bought a bottle of brandy, flowers, and a box of chocolates to be fully prepared for a romantic rendezvous.

Things went according to his plan at the beginning. Slava was under the impression that he was set to score as they were chatting and drinking his brandy. However, the woman thought better of the situation. She apparently regretted inviting Slava to her apartment. She was looking for a pretext to cut the date short.

Meanwhile, a woman pursued by a mugger rushed into an apartment building where Slava happened to be in a romantic mood. A mugger started chasing after the woman a block away from her dwelling. The woman got quite a fright and dived quickly into the nearest entrance of the first apartment building she came across. She pushed the button of all the doorbells at the ground floor landing, the lovers’ nest inclusive.

Slava figured it out fast when he heard the doorbell ringing. He took his coat and climbed out of the window. But he did not land on the snow. Slava landed right on the mugger who was running away after snatching a mink hat off his victim’s head, Respublika Tatarstan reports.

The mugger apparently did not expect any action from above. He was startled and fled the scene in no time, leaving the stolen hat and his own hat as well on location. Slava got lots of thanks and a kiss on the cheek from the woman who could retrieve her hat by accident. The unfortunate lover also took possession of the mugger’s hat.

A man in the city Serpukhov, Moscow region, also took a leap to escape the consequences of a date that went wrong. The man was in his paramour’s apartment when the doorbell rang. It was the woman’s husband who showed up earlier than expected. The lover boy named Nikolai was smart enough to jump out the window of a three-story apartment building.

Nikolai landed on his ground feet first but he could not get up after the fall. Nikolai, an employee with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, reckoned that he had a fracture. He called an ambulance that took him to hospital.

Maria Petrukhina

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov