Sexual satisfaction depends greatly on time of the day

Sexologists have long noticed that sexual satisfaction varies greatly depending on time people have sex during the day. So check your watch before getting your leg over.


She: Her body is not yet ready for sex even if she is already awake, according to Men’s Life magazine. The melatonin level (the sleep hormone) is still too high while her body temperature has not yet gone up (it stays somewhat lower at night). At times a woman can derive special pleasure when her partner starts making love to wake her up. But a man should not skip the foreplay; he had better let his woman wake up by making it nice and slow.

He: In terms of sexual excitability, most men reach their peak during these hours. He needs to have a thrill and get some energy for a new day. On the other hand, he is normally quick on the trigger. Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am is all a woman can expect at this point.


She: A woman is fully awake and ready for sex. The level of endorphin (“hormone of joy”) in her blood reaches its maximum during these hours. She will not take long to get excited.

He: His mind is focused on his work now. His testosterone level lowered back to normal, and therefore he would be pretty hard to arouse.


She: A woman’s taste receptors have sharpened by now. During these hours she can get maximum pleasure out of oral sex. Incidentally, a man seems to be always ready and willing to indulge in this form of sexual activity.

He: A man is in a thoughtful mood at the time. That is why he would rather ponder sex for hours than make the first move and get it on.


She: A woman’s activity reaches its peak during these hours. However, her activity has nothing to do with sex. She finds it hard to unwind and focus on sex at this stage.

He: A man is in the mood for a bit of frolicking. He would be glad to join any sexual activity if his partner happens to be in a similar disposition.


She: A woman’s reproductive system is completely prepared for conception during these hours. Meanwhile, she is not ready to make love slow and easy. She would rather have somewhat cursory sex with a pinch of S&M.

He: Semen produced in the male reproductive organs about 4 p.m. is of the highest quality. Therefore, the above hours are the best if procreation is on your mind.


She: Most women are incapable of engaging in active lovemaking during these hours. On the other hand, she would not mind a quickie on a lazy afternoon. So do not tell your man to hold his horses if he is feels sexually excited.

He: Ready for action though incapable of engaging in slow sex. He needs a fast one to get rid of his stress and negative energy buildup.


She: A woman needs to replenish a lack of energy so dinner would come in handy. The sensory nerve endings in her ears are finely tuned during these hours. A woman is inclined to listen to long love confessions and colorful compliments at this stage.

He: A man cannot care less for sex at the point. He wants to have a nice dinner and some rest thereafter.


She: The best time for going all the way nice and slow. A woman is full of energy (if she ate her dinner well) and ready to act on her own initiative. Experimentation between the sheets is highly recommended.

He: A man is ready to get off too and fulfill his partner’s every wish. Both male and female sexual clocks are ticking simultaneously at this stage.


She: Her melatonin level goes up dramatically about midnight . Her body is falling fast asleep even if she usually stays up late. Therefore, her sexual excitability decreases. However, she feels more romantically excited than before…

He: He feels totally relaxed yet not sleepy. A man is ready to engage in long and slow lovemaking activity. The remainder of his energy should be released through sex so that he can fall asleep soundly.


She: Her body needs good rest. However, some people can have sex in a drowse. Many women who never experienced orgasm before are reported to achieve a peak of sexual gratification while making love half-asleep. The phenomenon has to do with the state of complete relaxation occurring in a sleep. Needless to say, her partner should stay awake to do his bit.

He: Sleeping deeply. It would take a lot of effort to wake him up.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey