Doctors diagnose woman with uterus tumor, which ends with baby birth

Medics conducted the ultrasonic examination of the patient's abdominal cavity, but did not see the fetus

Doctors will remember the patient for a very long time. The woman was hospitalized with horrible stomachache. Specialists diagnosed the uterus tumor, but the woman gave birth to a baby-girl.

Tatiana Dobronravova got used to the idea that she would never be able to experience the joy of motherhood. She was diagnosed with infertility 20 years ago. She did not become a mother after the first and the second marriage. The 38-year-old woman did not pay any attention to a sudden disorder with her menstrual cycle: she experienced the trouble before. Tatiana was not a very slim woman: that is why she disregarded the fact that her waist rounded. “Everybody puts on weight when they are about to turn 40,” thought she. Tatiana decided to have an appointment with the doctor, when she started suffering from swollen legs and high blood pressure. In addition, the woman discovered that her stomach became stone-hard.

”It could never occur to me that I could get pregnant. I felt that something was happening inside my stomach, but I thought that it was something wrong with my digestive system,” Tatiana said.

When Tatiana finally came to see a doctor, the latter did not even suspect pregnancy. It took Tatiana several weeks to have all her analyses prepared. A specialist of women's diseases examined Tatiana thoroughly, but she had to perform an ultrasonic examination to confirm the worst expectation: the uterus tumor. Tatiana did not interrupt her work schedule. She was selling newspapers: the woman had to carry heavy packs of papers every day.

When Tatiana could not walk from pain, she was hospitalized to a local hospital. “I came to hospital with my wife, - Tatiana's husband, Oleg said. – The doctor came out of his office and announced that my wife was pregnant! Moreover, she was already in labor! We were immediately taken to the maternity hospital, where I had to spend the whole night waiting for my wife to deliver the baby. We finally had a daughter. The labor was very complicated; medics were pulling the baby out with forceps. I was shocked to know that I became a father. I am 45 years old – this is not the age to spend time with children. I have adult children from my first marriage already,” the man said.

The girl was born a healthy little baby. She was a little weak, though, that is why the mother and the baby had to spend a little bit more time in the maternity hospital than usual.

”Doctors say that my baby screams a lot. She is 2,600 grams heavy. I can hardly believe that it is actually my child. She looks like her father,” Tatiana was saying happily.

Tatiana and her husband, Oleg, became parents all of a sudden. They did not save any money for the child, neither did they buy any clothes or linen.

Alexander Slavin, the chief specialist of the maternity hospital, in which Tatiana gave birth to her child, was astonished with the incident. “I still can not understand why doctors never suspected pregnancy, when they were examining the woman. They conducted the ultrasonic examination of the abdominal cavity, but did not see the fetus for some strange reason. It was a very bizarre mistake to make, which fortunately had a happy ending. The uterus tumor ended up being a cute little baby,” the doctors said.

It is noteworthy that the vast number of mistakes, which doctors make in their practice, is connected with pregnancy and child labor. A young woman, a citizen of Hungary, had to learn very sad news about her pregnancy: a doctor told the would-be mother that her fetus had died. The woman had induced labor to get rid of the dead child, which surprisingly started squeaking in the bin, where it was placed along with the abortive material. The baby was lucky to stay alive: the incident took place at the end of the 1970s; the young man currently works as a train conductor.

A female Muscovite, Maria Shaldina, was shocked in the very beginning of her pregnancy: doctors told the woman that she was having abdominal pregnancy. The fetus was developing in a uterus pipe, which meant that it would be impossible to keep it. It became known a month later, however, that Maria was having a normal pregnancy. Four months afterwards the young woman was overwhelmed to know that she was expecting twins. As a result, Maria Shaldina gave birth to triplets in April of the current year.

An unexampled incident occurred a year ago in one of American hospitals, North Carolina. Patient named as Kelly Chambis was undergoing a special course of medical treatment in connection with certain gynecological illnesses that she was suffering from. When the procedures ended, Kelly suspected that she was pregnant in spite of the fact that she had not had sexual contacts for quite a long period of time. It turned out later that a young probationer in the clinic made the woman an injection from an unmarked syringe. The syringe contained a portion of sperm, which had been left there after a previous procedure conducted with a male patient.

A surprising incident occurred 14 years ago in Russia. Medics recommended their patient to have an abortion: the ultrasonic examination revealed that the woman was bearing a two-headed fetus in the womb. Several months later, however, the woman becamea mother to an absolutely normal baby boy, who had no deformities at all.

When Muscovite Nadezhda Bogacheva was expecting her third child, doctors recommended her to ligate the fallopian tubes: medics concluded that the woman would not be able to become a mother for the third time because of her very narrow pelvic bones. It is generally believed that the sterilization method is a 100-percent reliable contraception technique. Three years later, however, Nadezhda went to see the doctor again, complaining of having pregnancy symptoms. The woman became a mother of four children several months later.

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Author`s name Olga Savka