Passionate and visionary people never feel bored in bed even when they are old

Even the most perfect relationship can be reduced to boredom sooner or later. Some people see it as a logical stage any overwhelming passion is eventually bound for. Those who cannot do without infatuation seek new partners. Others make an attempt to spice up their sex life.

In fact, making love while gawking at Deep Throat on your home DVD player is a light version of swinging activities.

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra, the science of love, was composed by the Indian sage Vatsayayana some two thousand years ago. The original, in Sanskrit, has one thousand two hundred and fifty verses. It was translated into English by Richard Burton. The first edition was published in the Victorian Britain in 1883. The book saw numerous editions, and was translated into virtually all languages.

Numerous sex techniques manuals are quite popular among those who want to refresh their sex life. There is a scarcity of text and plenty of pictures in the manuals designed to show various positions of reciprocal sexual gratification.

This kind of literature should not be taken seriously, by and large. According to latest studies, there are tons of inaccuracies in the translation of the famous Kama Sutra. The book has a lot of errors with regard to female erogenous parts and female orgasm as a whole.

Besides, one should bear in mind that following the “guidelines” in the above book requires a great deal of physical strength and flexibility of both parties involved in sexual congress.

A bit of exhibitionism

Some people can get their second wind by choosing unusual locations for lovemaking activities. Well, it is a great idea provided that you have been practicing a missionary position with lights on for years.

There is always a risk of being busted if you prefer a quick one in the office, rooftops, fire exits and metro cars. Besides, remember those who are inclined to classify your amorous recklessness as an “act of indecent exposure in a public venue.” You would not fancy a night in a holding cell, would you?

On the other side, some people can get off only on the risk of being busted.

By the way, I would not recommend indulging in oral pleasure while driving a vehicle. You will be running great risks of getting into an accident in the process, not to mention a lack of hygiene.

Three of a perfect pair?

We have already written about swingers. To the point, I can only add that you should hold extremely liberal views to let another person have sex with your partner right before your very eyes.

However, you are free to give it a try if you believe sex is one thing and love is another. There are societies of swingers in every major Russian city, anybody who is interested in such a kind of sexual activity can join in.


Porn moviesare in great supply at any Russian outlet selling counterfeit CDs and DVDs. You can easily buy loads of adult movies made in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, France, U.S.A. and Russia as long as the federal law “On Pornography” is still waiting in the wings.

Besides, porn materials are available via the Internet.

In fact, making love while gawking at Deep Throat on your home DVD player is a light variety of swinging activities. In other words, watching other people get their rocks off turn you on. And it does not hurt your self-esteem in any way because it is only a movie.

Bondage, sadomasochism and role games

On the whole, sadomasochistic activities boil down to one big game. Nobody maims anybody, nobody inflicts injuries or anything on anybody. The exceptions to the rule are rare.

Miss Lotta, leader of the Russian sadomasochistic movement:

“I’ve come across only two really weird characters during my long practice. One person just loved being burned. Dripping hot wax onto the body in line with a usual procedure of a dominatrix/slave game was not enough for him. He loved to feel and smell his body being burned up to the blisters. The other one was a girl addicted to necrophilia. Something apparently happened to her when she was a little girl. She graduated from a university, majored in linguistics, if I’m correct. Then she went to a medical school. Found a job at a morgue. She got off on really bad corpses, in a really bad state of decay. Her application to our club was rejected.”

Food for sexual arousal

Remember the great scene in 9 ½ Weeks featuring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger near the fridge? Using foodstuffs during foreplay became one of the favorite pastimes for many couples in the former Soviet Union. Well, ice cream, strawberry and ice cubes can help turn ordinary lovemaking into a particularly pleasurable experience. Sex can be good and tasty at the same time.

Sex toys

Any sex shop has a variety of devices for giving more zest to boring nights. There are vaginal and anal vibrators, dildos, artificial vaginas, lubricants, love swings, latex masks, bondage equipment, handcuffs and so on. The stuff can be really really good for those who feel bored after having too much sex by the book.

Safety first

Taking every possible precaution in order to keep your partner from harm during lovemaking is a basic principle of the harmonious sexual relationship. If you fancy a bit of wild experimentation in bed or thereabouts, you had better remember that life is fragile, for your partner and your own sake as well.


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov