Nicole Kidman owns a pair of most beautiful legs on Earth

Sceptics believe that there is nothing perfect in our world today. Scientists, however, share a different point of view especially when it comes to standards of beauty and physical attraction. It goes without saying that each generation develops its own fashion as far as the outward human perfection is concerned. Many women would be ready to spend thousands of dollars to have the figure of a Barbie doll. Women do not realize that the beauty of the world-famous doll contradicts to the laws of physics. If Barbie became a living human being, she would only be able to crawl of her hands and knees.

Specialists have their own scientific approach to beauty standards. Physiologists from the University of Liverpool were very meticulous in their research about the beauty of women’s legs. Attempting to find a pair of most beautiful women’s legs on Earth, the scientists concluded that they are owned by movie star Nicole Kidman. The length of Kidman’s legs makes up 1.4 meters of her body length. According to scientists, this is the ultimate correlation for women.

More importantly, the scientists did not have to do an extensive research to find the analogue among men. Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband, actor Tom Cruise, matched the required dimensions perfectly. Everyone knows that Cruise is not a man of considerable stature. However, the actor can boast of having perfect human proportions among men, which means that the length of his legs equals that of his torso.

It is generally believed that men are not supposed to look handsome. For example, Russians say that a man should be a little nicer than a monkey. Men are supposed to have shorter legs, although long women’s legs make them stare and turn heads. If a man has a well-built torso, the length of which equals the length of his legs, one can say that this man has a perfect body. Shorter legs makes men’s torso look more massive and powerful.

Ladies with short legs do not enjoy great popularity with men. Scientists say that leggy women can potentially give birth to healthy children although such physiological chances are smaller with women walking on shorter legs. That is why men are subconsciously attracted to women with long legs. As a rule, a tall woman has a wider pelvis, which means that she can produce large and healthy offspring.

Long legs may be a sign of excellent health and very good childbearing capabilities. Stressful childhood or improper nourishment may distort the proportions of growth which eventually leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and even premature death.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov