Author`s name Alex Naumov

Organization of Madonna’s first-ever show in Moscow turns into unimaginable mess

Organizers of Madonna’s first-ever show in Moscow finally held a press conference yesterday. Vladimir Kiselev, a co-organizer of the singer’s performance in Russia’s capital stated that the show would take place in Luzhniki Arena on September 12, but not on Sparrow Hills on September 11, as it was originally planned. All of a sudden, the Russian organizers believed that it would be outrageously immoral to entertain the Moscow audience the day when the whole world marks another anniversary of 9/11 attacks in the USA. The venue was changed because of the fact that the Luzhniki Arena could house a lot more viewers than the open-air space of Sparrow Hills near the Moscow State University. In addition, it will be a lot easier to provide security at Luzhniki. Mr. Kiselev said that there would be several police cordons encircling the stadium. Police officers will be standing around the arena and at the entrance gate. Every spectator will receive a plastic bracelet the color of which will correspond to the color of the seating sector.

Vladimir Kiselev said that Madonna reacted highly positively to the change of the venue. The singer’s management reportedly sent a letter of gratitude to Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

Russian Madonna fans react extremely negatively to all these changes. On the one hand, they can be happy about the fact that the Luzhniki Arena is much more spacious than Sparrow Hills. This fact gives 16,000 people a chance to purchase additional tickets for the only one performance of the world’s biggest pop star in Russia. On the other hand, all those people who bought tickets for the September 11 show on Sparrow Hills will have to exchange them for new tickets with the new date and the new venue.

Vladimir Kiselev said that the exchange process would start on Monday, September 4 and will continue right before the show time. Most likely, the process will become a nightmare for nearly all ticket-holders. Madonna’s official website still says, though, that the concert will take place on September 11 on Sparrow Hills. The star may not even know what is happening with her tickets in Moscow. In addition, Madonna may not even care where exactly she can perform in Moscow. Madonna is not Eric Clapton, who wanted to perform on the Red Square only and never agreed for any changes. Madonna performs in Prague on September 7 and heads from Europe to Japan where her Confessions Tour extravaganza is slated for September 16. The star’s team needs to transport 63 trucks with 250 tons of stage equipment across Russia between those dates. A concert in Moscow is supposed to cover the transportation costs.

Russian fans can only hope that they will not be disappointed like their Australian companions. Madonna had to cancel her plans for Australia because of her parental duties: she needs to take her children to school at the end of September.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov