Numbers of destiny - the key to perfect relationship

Each of us gets energetic vibrations at the birth moment. And experts state that the compatibility of partners in love depends not upon their individual behavior but upon the vibrations of their relationship. The science of numerology can say if partners are compatible judging by the number of destiny (the number of birthday).

If you calculate your number of destiny you can see what kind of partners will perfectly match you and will not have to waste your time upon no perspective relationship. The number of destiny can be calculated from one’s date of birth. Sum the date, month and year of birth to get one number which is your personal number of destiny.

Number of destiny 1

People having the number of destiny 1 have many intimate relations in the early years of their adult life and it is a serious problem for them to choose one partner. They like opposite-sex people who take the life seriously. These people are basically sexy, but they unfortunately treat sex only as a means to express their sexuality. Men with the number of destiny 1 are as a rule independent, vigorous and pushing. And women love this type of a man as he is active, self-assured, goal-seeking and courageous. But he often ignores his partner’s opinion. A woman with the number of destiny 1 is self-assured and has a strong character. It is she who chooses a man for future relationship. This woman seeks domination in relationship but at the same time she cannot bear men who are ready to satisfy any of her desires and whimsies. This woman is stubborn and capricious. She should be more flexible and indulgent with men.

Number of destiny 2

These people attach much importance to the organization of their house and want their partners be reasonable. They consider sexual passions as less important than real respect and love. At that, these people can live a really long and happy marriage even without a sexual passion. These are truly devoted people and always request absolute devotion from partners. Men with the number of destiny 2 have hearts open for other people’s feelings and minds ready to perceive the world around them. Such men absorb other people’s problems. They highly appreciate beauty and femininity. They are guided with emotions and can frequently fall in love. It is important that such men easily adapt to changes. A woman who can inspire him is the best partner for such a man. A woman with the number of destiny 2 is communicative and charming; she reveals the beauty of her inner self during close relations with men. Her life gets really harmonious when her relations with a partner are trusting. She is susceptible to other people’s feelings and emotions. This woman cannot stand conflicts and does not like force in relationship. Ambivalence is typical of her: her feelings may be either deep or superficial; she may be either steady or frivolous. And this inconsistency and even sometimes neurotic behavior make her relations with partners really problematic.

Number of destiny 3

People of the type usually like charming opposite sex individuals. They wonderfully attract people with an exciting sexual aura. However, it is important for them to perfectly know the human nature to make a stable family. The only guarantee for such a person to have a stable marriage is to find a partner who shares the same interests with him and can together participate in public activity. A man with the number of destiny 3 is a communicative and active one; he is very popular among women and can have several liaisons at the same time. Such a man is always ready to join merry parties and risky adventures. He is often the focus of any company but is seldom taken seriously. Inspiration and forward-looking plans are typical of him . In women these men particularly love charm rather than beauty. A communicative woman is the best partner for him. A woman with the number of destiny 3 is interesting and active and rather rational. Men love her charm and independent behavior, intellect and mobility. This woman is sincere, sensual and self-assured. She highly appreciates friendship and devotion but sex is just a game to her. She first of all seeks realization of her own needs. This woman wants romantic adventures and intellectual communication.

Number of destiny 4

These are rather reserved people but still almost all of them need a normal family and normal sex. They appreciate family relations more than other people. And such reliable and purposeful people are good partners for making a family. People with the number of destiny 4 are very sexually attractive but seldom reveal romantic qualities. Men born with this number of destiny like relationship to be clear and stable, and for this purpose seek women who suit for long-standing relations. These men carefully maintain family traditions; they are deeply attached to their families and relatives. They are particularly anxious about financial maintenance of the family and want their wives to be practical as well. It is not ruled out that such men may prefer a marriage of convenience to get more finance for implementation of their ideas. Such marriages however can be either happy or unhappy. Men with the destiny number 4 want no intrigues and never contact women with frivolous views upon sexual life. Women with the destiny number 4 are practical and reasonable. Such a woman needs a reliable partner with no financial problems. She is particularly focused on the home and the family; she needs stability and peace in her heart to live a happy life. These women are very jealous and must abstain from revealing the proprietress instinct.

Number of destiny 5

These people are recklessly courageous when searching for a sex partner. And often have numerous romances before finally prefer some particular partner. They love to experiment in the sphere of love and can take a wait-and-see position for a long period. The success of their marriage or intimate relations depends upon the degree of mutual understanding between partners. Men with this number of destiny are confident, charming and independent; they do not like to beg and retreat. Such a man has sexuality that embraces all of the five senses. He enjoys the present moment. Peace and tranquility are the best states for him. This man loves to be the leader in relations with a woman and loves to be loved and respected. Delight and freedom of action are the basic goal of his life. Women with the number of destiny 5 are very attractive, charming but sometime may be selfish. She likes flattery and practices flirtation. She is too susceptible to the situations around her. She badly needs others to admire, respect her and approve of her actions. Her behavior is often ostentatious. Partners of these women never know exactly what they are thinking about at this or that particular moment and what they can do in a second. Pragmatic partners suit for this type of a woman most of all.

Number of destiny 6

These are as a rule very sexy people but at the same time they are not universally loved. When choosing a partner these people are guided by material reasons. Men born with the number of destiny 6 are responsible, hard-working and reliable and seek stable relations with women. They are absolutely selfless in love but too vulnerable. Such a man discerns merits and defects of a partner and sees at once if he can build long-term relations with her or not. If his personality is respected this man feels sure, otherwise he prefers to change a partner. A woman born with the number of destiny 6 looks unruffled,cold andeven aloof but is in fact sexual and sensual. She is dreamy and has lively imagination and great intuition. This woman is unpredictable which makes her particularly attractive. She needs protection, understanding and care from her partner. When breaks up she tries to keep up friendly relations with partners.

Number of destiny 7

I t is not easy to keep up harmonious relations with these people. Fidelity, call of duty, mutual interests and responsibility in children upbringing guarantees happy marriage with these people. A man with this number of destiny is all-sufficient and independent. His inner strength and serious attitude to life and love make him look cold and senseless. Many women think these men to be circumspect and experienced in love. These men are sensitive and tactful to partner’s feelings. Mutual understanding matters sometimes more than love for these men. Women with the number of destiny 7 are strangely attractive, and admirers may be both scared and charmed with the attractiveness. This woman is smart, tactful and amiable and knows how to present her better qualities. She needs a reliable and respectable partner and highly appreciates honesty, professionalism, prestige and status.

Number of destiny 8

When these people marry in their too young age their partners should be especially self-restrained as this is the period when they are deeply plunged in work and are eager to achieve their goals. And may even sacrifice love to achieve more in the professional sphere. So, marriage in a mature age suits better for these people. Men with this number of destiny are independent, self-assured and all-sufficient. They are strong-willed, honest, sincere and persistent. Such a man can suppress a partner or act rather modestly and never make a parade of his personal achievements. He always needs a stimulus for progression. He is thrifty and seriously considers financial stability of his prospective family when plans to get married. A woman with the number of destiny 8 is resolute, authoritative and pushing but very vulnerable inside and needs much love and understanding. Her superficial restraint conceals her strong emotions and sexuality. She is never selfish in love but can be extremely selfish in other spheres. This woman needs an intellectual strong-willed partner with as huge ambitions as her own.

Number of destiny 9

These people absolutely devote themselves to love and want to be loved. Their immense craving for love makes them endure even humiliations. They especially highlight all attributes of romantic courting. Morality is not mere empty words for these people. A man with the number of destiny 9 is intellectual, romantic, communicative, open-hearted and frank. He likes to keep friends with self - made men. He never takes different views. Love is something that is happening in his head not his heart. It is his reason that regulates his own feelings and feelings of his partner. These men believe that sex is a physical prolongation of intellectual relations between sexes. A woman with the number of destiny 9 is extraordinary and elusive; she is full of interesting ideas and always active. She chooses to communicate with educated intellectuals, creative personalities keen in philosophy, culture and art. She likes to attend exhibitions together with her partner, to take an active part in the public social or political life. She expects showers of flowers and presents from admirers. This woman wants every aspect of her life to be beautiful and likes to be beautiful herself.

Lyudmila Savina

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov