Effective communication can make your conversation partner obey

The key to success in anything is directly dependent on a person’s ability to communicate effectively. Regardless of the type of relationship, it is essential not only to know how you should communicate information, but to be able to listen to your conversation partner.

When you speak, remember your motives. Do not forget why you started the conversation, what the aim was and what you wish to achieve during the talk. Speak for yourself and do not use too much criticism.

Choose a suitable place for your conversation where no-one will disturb you and where you can calmly discuss any problem. Always begin the conversation with something positive: praise or recognition of someone’s merits, and only afterwards smoothly move on to the question that concerns you.

Discuss your expectations of the conversation with your partner. Avoid such questions as “why?”, as they could be interpreted negatively and may force the other person to defend himself.

Express your indignation correctly, so as to ensure that your conversation partner does not think that it is directed towards him, his behavior or the question that he broached. Listen to him, pay attention to his reactions and think about what you are considering saying, advises efamily.ru.

When you are listening, react to what is said, make it understood that you are listening attentively to your conversation partner. Rephrase everything that he says to confirm that you understood him correctly.

Emphasize that the question raised by the other person is genuinely important and find points on which you are prepared to agree with him. This does not mean that he is completely right; you are simply agreeing that the question that he has raised is genuinely serious.

If there is something you did not understand, ask more precise questions. Express your opinion on your partner’s words, so that he knows that you have understood and that you are thinking in general about what he has told you. Propose a method of resolving the question between you.

During conversation, it is always important to maintain eye contact, to support the speaker (by means of a smile or a nod to indicate agreement and make it understood that you are listening attentively and are prepared to listen to the end). Express your thanks for your partner’s efforts to understand your point of view as well as for his sincerity.

Source: Pravda.ru

Translated by Leila Wilmers

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Author`s name Alex Naumov