Beautiful girls make 5 mistakes that make them ugly and boring

Every woman wants to be beautiful. They read fashion magazines, check out the latest beauty advice online, and drop lots of money at the cosmetics counter. The truth is, many women make at least one major beauty mistake in their lifetime. The following are 5 biggest beauty mistakes and ways how you can improve the situation.

Mistake 1

You smooth on foundation to even out your complexion, but are left with a too-dark or too-light kabuki-mask effect.

Fix: Splurge on the proper shade of foundation. Base is one of those cosmetics that you have to get exactly right. If your foundation is off at all -- too light, too dark -- the look is obvious and garish. Head to a department store counter to get the right base match. The makeup artist there can try several shades on your skin; you can then excuse yourself and check the colors in natural light. The one that you can barely see, that blends into your skin, is the one you want.

Mistake 2

You wear the same haircut for years at a time. The last time you updated was in the early '90s.

Fix: We're all for sticking to a look that suits you, but with haircuts, what works can quickly become what's outdated (think of the Rachel shag from years ago -- today, it'd look dated). But that doesn't mean you need a complete overhaul; often, a few simple layers or some shaping at the ends can yield a big effect. Pull a few pictures of styles you like from magazines. Take them to your stylist and ask how these looks can work for you; chances are, he or she has been dying to update you for years!


You skip moisturizer. You figure your skin tends to be oily, so why slap on more oil?

Fix: We, too, used to be in the if-my-skin-is-oily, I-don't-need-moisturizer camp. But as we age, our skin naturally becomes more parched, even if we're still showing signs of midday shine. And since moisturizers add water to the skin, not necessarily oil, they're generally safe for oilier skin (especially those marked "oil-free"). Skimping on moisturizer before applying makeup can make your cosmetics look cakey and flaky. Instead, find a moisturizer that's oil-free and wear it under your makeup. Its emollients will help your base and blush go on smoother and last longer.

Mistake 4

Concealer? You say no thanks. The circles under your eyes aren't that dark, are they?

Fix: Concealer is a woman's best friend: It can cover a multitude of beauty bummers and still look natural while doing it. At the very least, vow to pat some concealer onto dark circles and recessed inner-eye corners every morning. Choose a shade that's just a bit lighter than your skin tone; one with pink undertones will help camouflage the blue cast of dark circles. We bet people will notice!

Mistake 5

You choose a lip color with no life. You look like your lips are dead or bruised.

Fix: Shades of dull purple, gray, flat brown, and flat orange are difficult ones to wear well on your lips. Instead of adding glimmer, shine, and a plump look, shades like these make your mouth look painted on, dry, matte, and cakey -- not the youthful vibe you're going for. Instead, choose lip colors with some natural color to them, such as pinky brown, mauve, or peach. Go for a formula with shine, such as a cream or gloss, which gives lips a healthy look.

Source: Ladies Home Journal

Prepared by Alexander Timoshik

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov