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Prostitutes work overtime during the 2006 World Cup

The 2006 World Cup is a significant event not only for football fans who have flocked to Germany from all over the world. The championship also attracts attention of those who normally make money by exploiting weaknesses and hobbies of football fans. We are not talking about bookmaking, we are talking about football fans’ other passions that partly derive from the fact that the majority of spectators are men.

Representatives of the first most ancient profession, prostitutes, are reportedly making a heroic effort these days in Germany. Demand is apparently a lot higher than supply. Thousands of men who came to watch the football show would not mind a bit of fun and relaxation in a most traditional way. Hence Germany-based prostitutes are toiling and moiling, several brothels are reported to have switched to longer hours.

An unidentified German taxi driver spoke to journalists about four football fans to whom he rendered his services recently. Those football fans asked the taxi driver straightaway to bring them to a brothel. But the lascivious fans had a rude awakening when they found out that all eight thousand officially registered ladies of the evening were not available at the time in Berlin.

A manager of a Berlin brothel complained, though with a pinch of pride in his voice, of extremely busy time that has arrived for his ladies. It is quite a task to serve a huge number of customers, said the manager. Aside from ordinary customers, there are VIP clients who had booked carnal pleasures in between the football matches beforehand.

Girls who work in the brothels claim that a majority of fans are more interested in having massage, not sex. Massage can help fans to unwind and relieve tension before and after the game. Some daughters of joy humbly admit to making as much as a regular week’s wages for just one 16-hour shift during the World Cup. Everything must pass sooner or later, and the World Cup is not an exception to the rule. In a short while, sex workers will be able to take a deep breath and switch back to their usual working hours.

In the meantime, numerous international public organizations are seriously concerned about too high a demand for the German putains due to an influx of lustful football fans. The organizations fear that illegal labor may arrive in Germany and take advantage of the situation. As if in a gesture of support, the German immigration authorities are doing their best to keep foreign competitors of the hardworking German prostitutes off the German sex market.


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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