Wife pays her husband 1,000 USD to have his baby

Young Russian woman Marina always considered she was unlucky in every period of her life. Being a child, she fractured her arm three times when fell down on a straight path; she frequently lost her things in different places; it was because of her plump figure that the girl was not admitted to a dancing society. Class-mates at school nicknamed Marina ‘a dull mouse’, and the girl felt that teachers underestimated her learning abilities.

Marina’s life radically changed for better when she entered an extramural department of the Social and Economic Institute. At the institute, the girl met a handsome and wonderfully set-up young man, Viktor, who became her first love. The man worked as an instructor in a fitness center. To get acquainted with the smart boy Marina took to fitness and attended the center where Viktor worked. Soon, thanks to fitness classes the plump student got a wonderful shape that drew attention of the instructor.

The romance of Marina and Viktor was very rapid. Their affection was evident to everyone and soon Marina moved to Viktor’s apartment. After five years of living together with the man whom she loved Marina felt she would like to have children. But Viktor strongly objected to Marina’s maternal idea. At that period the young man had no employment, and Marina had to maintain her civil husband.

But even though her partner disliked the idea of having babies Marina felt that her motherly instinct was strong and she hoped to persuade Viktor to conceive a baby. The man in his turn agreed to conceive a baby only if his wife agreed to pay him. Marina accepted the offer and transferred 30,000 rubles (a bit more than $1,000) to Viktor’s bank account for his agreement to conceive a baby. In a month, the women felt she was pregnant.

Marina kept her pregnancy secret in the office not to loose the job and good wages. But as soon as her employer learnt about the pregnancy, he insisted that she must resign the office. Marina feared that conflict situations in the office in connection with the boss’ demands could negatively tell upon the baby’s health and resigned. Unfortunately, the pregnant woman could find only a job with low wages and this money was scarcely enough for meals for her and for her husband Viktor who was still unemployed. Soon, the man said he was tired of getting no money and demanded that Marina must go away. The poor woman paid a pretty sum of money to become pregnant, but the future father squandered the money and sent her out.

Marina got back to her parents’ home as the last period of pregnancy was very difficult for her.

On Easter eve, the young woman gave birth to a wonderful healthy girl. Marina could not stop admiring her charming daughter. This is strange but the baby’s father was not at all touched with the great event and even demonstrated no concern in the baby.

Little by little the daughter became everything for the lonely woman. Marina said that she could not sleep within an entire month after she got back home from the maternity hospital together with the daughter. She just turned on a bedside lamp and watched the cot where her curly darling was sleeping quiet. Soon, she forgot about Viktor.

Some of Marina’s new acquaintances and friends helped her start her own business, and she achieved great success within a year. The young woman is sure that her daughter is a real mascot for her. It is just thanks to the daughter’s birth that the woman felt that she was free and absolutely happy.

Oksana Anikina

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov