Mirrors can help do away with wrinkles

mysterious mirrorFirst we program mirrors and they program us in response.

Russian cyberneticist Vitaly Pravdivtsev studied the mysterious characteristics of mirrors and came to a conclusion that we program the mirror into further programming us.

On the one hand, mirrors are material, and on the other – they are phantom, an intangible reflection. The history provides much evidence of mysterious phenomena connected with the mirror. Vitaly Pravdivtsev puts forward three hypotheses of the mirror. First, mirrors are the instrument that brings people into a modified state of the conscience. Second, a mirror is an optical device that helps see images of the subtle world. And third, a mirror is an instrument that helps other people see those images that get formed in the conscience of one human.

People say that mirrors can remember some events. Vitaly Pravdivtsev tells a story of a couple who furnished their apartment with antiquarian items. Once, they bought a very beautiful antiquarian mirror from some old lady in St.Petersburg. They hung the mirror up in the bedroom, but soon after that they started dreaming that they were burning and even woke up because of their own screams. Vitaly Pravdivtsev recommended to hang the mirror in some other room; after the mirror was taken out of the bedroom, the couple no longer saw terrible dreams. When they visited St.Petersburg next time, they once again met the old lady from whom they had bought the mirror. The woman told that in the time of Leningrad blockade during WWII, the mirror was hanging in the room where her brother got terribly burnt and died of severe burns.

So, Vitaly says that mirrors can remember emotions and feelings of people that they experience in front of the mirror. The conscience interprets these records its way and revives those images that resemble somebody's personal experience. Like any other thing, mirrors are the reflection of their owners’ individuality.

Some scientists state that mental emanations of every human can arrange tiny particles of the universe into unique patterns, the imprint of our thoughts and emotions. Things that people use can retain the same imprint.

In Russia, there is a tradition to cover mirrors in the room where a dead man stays. Some people say it is done because the soul of a dead man may use the mirror to lure living people into the other world. Others say that other people's lost souls and astral beings may get into the house if mirrors are not covered there when dead bodies remain in. This is said to be the reason of mental disorders with people living in the house. There is a legend saying that souls of dead people may get into mirrors and stay there like in a trap. People who buy such mirrors may have serious problems. Mirrors with the souls of dead people inside are usually very cold; candles go out when brought to such mirrors. A good way to rescue souls entrapped in mirrors is to smash such mirrors into pieces.

Within 15 years, researchers from one of New York institutes studied the effect of mirrors upon humans with the help of an ultrasensitive magnetic-acoustic detector. As it turned out, people who spend too much time in front of mirrors and like to stare into their own eyes feel fatigued and experience worsening of memory. The experiments revealed that mirrors can accumulate people's energy and thus act as energy vampires. People lose their energy after three minutes of looking into the mirror. And the researchers also made a sensational statement: people who look into the mirror too often get older quicker. Bioenergetics explains this phenomenon with the fact that energy we emanate gets reflected with the mirror and then destroys our protective aura.

However, Vitaly Pravdivtsev says that mirrors can be made rejuvenating by making their transparent surface of crystal not ordinary glass. In this case, light becomes polarized after it gets through crystal. When it is reflected by the metal amalgam, it will get back through the crystal glass and becomes even thinner. The transparent layer before the amalgam must be made as a crystal pack of tiny polaroids of various materials and with optical axes arranged in different ways. As a complicated lens, this crystal layer may change reflected polarized light into a marvelous needle. The effect of the light needle upon humans may even entail regeneration of tissues. Just imagine – half an hour in front of this mirror a day may help do away with wrinkles once and for all.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva