For many men it is much easier to live with a microwave than with a wife

Household appliances suit for many men better than wives

For many centuries already it has been a difficult task for men to make the right choice of a wife. At that, almost every man is guided by different criteria. Ex-leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein gave the following recommendation to those who were to choose wives: “A wife must be neither too clever nor too stupid.” Recently, some author on the Internet outlined several basic criteria of successful selection of a wife.

Indeed, choosing a wife is a really serious and hard task that takes men quite a lot of time and efforts. It is important to find the right woman with whom a man wants to have children, spend all the days and enjoy the old age surrounded by wonderful grandchildren.

Sometimes men give way to stormy emotions while choosing between several candidates to the wife role and deciding whether to prefer glamorous looks, warm-heartedness or domestic skills of a woman. She must be the one with whom future life will be really comfortable and quiet. This is like when we choose a good car in an auto shop: we need a safe, economical, well-designed and affordable one.

So, the author of the recommendations that we have come across on the Internet recommends the following.

First of all meet a woman’s parents and her close relatives. If these people look not very much like a cabinet of curiosities, and if you do not mind your children will smack their lips like the girl’s grandpa and lisp like her father and at that have your bulbous nose and goose gait then you are a success with the first stage of the selection. Go on if you are ready to let your chromosomes couple with the chromosomes of your future relatives.

Then have a look at your girl’s friends. It is true that if some of her friends are disagreeable to you they will not disappear after your wedding with the girl. So, you will have to put up with them, or better find a girl keeping a better company right now.

The above mentioned expert insists that a man can learn much about a girl he wants to marry while doing shopping with her. If an unmarried girl looses control when sees heaps of fashionable clothes and expensive food and sweeps everything away irrespective of the price, this is a warning that your salary will never be enough for the family life with her. In other words, shopping together with your prospective wife may indicate if she will keep within a budget and successfully hold the household. If your girl proves to be a spender, better say good bye!

If a man feels everything is OK with a woman he wants to wed then both should try to live together for at least six months. And it is sheer madness to get married with someone with whom you never shared the kitchen and the bathroom before. It is important to try living together to know if each of a couple can bear the presence of the other. This test cohabitation may give both men and women at least some notion of their prospective life. This is a chance to find out if a couple will be able to keep up their affection against the background of routine.

One more recommendation that the ‘Internet expert on marriages’ gives is that a man should prefer a woman with wonderful looks for the wife role if he plans to take his wife out. He insists that “women with straight noses seldom have cold in the head; that big bright eyes mean a woman has good eyesight and that healthy white teeth guarantee a woman will properly chew meals and thus have perfect digestion”. At that, these are not particularly essential issues at all.

If a man feels his girl meets the above criteria he should once and for all give up his bachelor life and immediately marry her.

To tell the truth, these funny recommendations on finding a wife have won great popularity on the Internet, and some men even found it a reasonable guide. But in real life the situation is quite different.

Usually, young fervent men fall in love and regardless of all the reasoning of friends and relatives decides to absolutely devote his life to the woman he loves. On the contrary, some people go to other extremes. Psychologists state that marriages of convenience are the strongest ones.

Nobody is perfect, this is for sure. And there may be no ideal woman, so a man needs to know beforehand that he will still have to reconcile himself to some of his wife’s whimsies. And it is better to know what exactly even before marriage.

Some men say they marry to have their apartments clean and to eat good meals. If this is the only reason of a marriage, then men should better buy household appliances and have everything all right about the house. And what is better, a man can hire a maid who will clean his shirts and cook nice meals.

It is not quite right to marry a woman if a man treats her only as a sex partner or needs a wife just to let hair down to her. For these purposes, a man can maintain stable relationship with a woman or even several women whom he likes and stay a bachelor.

Both men and women need to know that being a wife is not a mere officially registered status but rather a state of mind. Family life is a combination of various aspects, not only love and sex. It is important if both partners feel they are ready to see each other 24 hours a day.

In addition to the above recommendations for choosing a wife there is another classical one that people say works perfectly well. If you feel you are not tired of him or her and still have not exhausted topics for conversation, then it is not ruled out that this person suits well for a marriage.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov