Allah leaves his autograph on tsunami waves

Muslims on the island of Sri-Lanka assume that the deadly tsunami has been inflicted upon them by Allah himself for people’' disobedience. They also provide satellite photos to backup the assumption, reports AFP.

One can clearly read the word “Allah” in Arabic language imprinted on the waves, stated head of Islamic center in Colombo Muhammad Faizin.

Muslims compare the tsunami to the Great Flood, which, according to the Old Testament, had been inflicted upon humanity by the God Almighty. In addition, people speak of a foreign tourist who supposedly had dreamed of massive waves approaching the island three hours prior to the disaster. Just like Noah, the man attempted to warn people but nobody listened.

Muhammad Faizin, who works in Islamic center in Colombo, views it as a sign from above that the Muslim school has been left untouched by the destructive waves, whereas more than 400 neighboring buildings have been completely destroyed. The priest considers the tsunami a punishment. According to him, those Asian countries were punished for having allowed the “unfaithful from the West” to enter their territories as well as for having wallowed in prostitution and alcoholism.

“At first, Allah inflicts little punishments, such ad depriving a person a success in life. In case that person continues to ignore the warning, Allah inflicts death upon him. And in case all of us will continue to ignore His warning, there will be even more earthquakes and tsunamis to come,” said Muhammad Faizin.

To tell the truth, 70% of the island are Buddhists, 15% of the population are Hindus; Muslims and Christians constitute the remaining 15 per cent. However, Faizin asserts that the areas populated with Muslims had been affected the most. Another Islamic leader Muhammad Fomei agrees with his colleague. According to the latter, the signing on the waves  on the photos had immediately caught his attention. “Koran says that people can be punished by water or fire,” says he. Muhammad Fomei also adds that “according to local legends, large parts of land of the island of Sri-Lanka had been flooded several times in the course of the past 2 000-3 000 years.”

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov