Drawings made by children of Beslan crisis sold at online auction in Poland

On these drawings you can see hey stacks, ships, flowers, but also terrorists, explosions and soldiers

Forty-nine drawings made by former victims of the hostage crisis in Beslan were put up for an online charitable auction in Poland. The auction was organized by the first channel of the Polish radio, the newspaper Rech Pospolita and the Polish charitable organization.

Children's drawings were brought to Poland from Beslan by a correspondent of the Polish radio. The auction price on the drawings ranged from $100 to $500. The first channel of the Polish radio told the Izvestia newspaper that the auction had returned over $20,000 of profit. The money will be handed over to the Polish charitable organization to help the victims of the Beslan hostage crisis.

”On these drawings you can see hey stacks, ships, flowers, but also terrorists, explosions and soldiers. These works are the truest report of what the children had to go through at school in Beslan,” a message on the website of the first channel of the Polish radio says.

After the school has been stormed, a radio correspondent met a seven-year-old boy named as Alan Chandishvili, who had survived the terrorist attack. The boy did not want to talk to the reporter, but he gave him his drawing. Other children's parents and other children started bringing drawings to the reporter. The drawings were made both before and after the siege. Several small artists presented several of their works. For example, the auction presents two drawings made by the 12-year-old girl Vladimira Toptun. One of the drawings depicts scarlet flowers in a vase, the other one shows the same flowers on a tombstone.

The former small hostages drew graveyards, terrorists and explosions. However, not all drawings depict pictures of violence. The 9-year-old girl Agunda Bzikova, who died in the attack, drew a bright sun, a blue sea and mountains. The Polish reporter received the drawing from the girl's mother.

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Author`s name Olga Savka