Russian man not allowed to drink 62 liters of vodka in four days

The Russian citizen assured border guards that the vodka was meant for him alone

A Russian holiday-maker tried to persuade border guards that he had taken along 62 liters of vodka for his 'personal needs.' Vodka, the man said, was needed to have a good 4-day holiday in Ukraine's Crimea.

A spokesman for the press service of the local border guard administration Sergey Poddubny said the Russian man had been detained at one of Ukrainian check points. Border guards inspected his Cherokee Jeep and found an impressive quantity of strong alcohol in the vehicle's boot, Novy Region news agency reports.

The Russian citizen assured that the vodka was meant for him alone. As it turned out, the man was willing to stay in Ukraine only for four days. Since the man did not attempt to conceal the cargo, border guards did not arrest him, although they did not let the man cross the border either.

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Author`s name Olga Savka