How Russian pseudo-brides cheat Americans

Russian lady named Elena Barkova cheated gullible foreigners who wanted to marry her.
The lady was a porn movies star and resided in St. Petersburg.

Besides Elena Barkova, many other female residents of St. Petersburg ended up on the swindlers list at of website. The site informs on the women who screw men from all over the world.

The stories are similar. Foreign men met Russian, Byelorussian and Ukrainian girls online. After short correspondence the girl agreed to marry the man. She just asked a future husband about one little thing – to send money for obtaining passport for going abroad, visa, ticket, medical insurance and so on. After receiving the money, the girl “disappeared”. The cheated foreigners composed the “black list of Russian women”.

Lately Anna Busygina from St. Petersburg has been added on the list. She cheated the man for $1900 and probably still has a good life on this money.

”Beware of this girl!”, the cheated “fiancй” complains on website. “Her profile is on several dating websites. Her pseudonym is Lapushka (Sweetie). Here is the last letter I received from her, “Hello my beloved man! I have been thinking much about us and about love... I would like to meet you for real, and my mother too. But I don’t think it is a good idea. There are many criminals here, and I don’t want something bad happen to you. Foreigners are always attacked by criminals, foreign people are either killed for their money or get their documents stolen. I don’t want something of this sort to happen to you.  It would be much better if I visit you. I have never been to your country, and I want YOU to show me your place. I am very sorry I have no phone to hear your voice. The visa in your country costs $350, it will be ready within 2 weeks. Luckily, my aunt works as a cashier for air tickets. She told me she would be able to purchase air tickets for me much cheaper than regular price. The tickets and visa will cost $1,900. But I don’t want you to spend money on me.

You could send me the money via Western Union, if you agree to help me and want me to visit you and stay with you. I am giving you my address so that I could receive the money. Write soon, my love. Bye. Your Anna”.

Not all foreign men were so gullible. Dennis from Chicago was wise enough not to send money to St. Petersburg. We communicated with the girl who introduced herself as Aleksandra Krasilnikova, not only online, but talked to her live via web-camera.

After the first talk Aleksandra said she loved Dennis and was eager to meet him. Recently she with her father allegedly had visited the USA, and she wrote she had $250 and needed just a little more money to purchase an air ticket. Aleksandra asked to send her money via Western Union. The farsighted American recorded one of their conversations. The scum mechanism is very well seen here.

Dennis. I am in trouble.
Aleksandra. What kind of trouble? Tell me, maybe I can help.
Dennis. If you don’t mind listening.
Aleksandra. I am ready to listen to you my entire life!
Dennis. I told my friends that I love you and want to meet you in Chicago, but they called you a crook who wants to steal my money.
Aleksandra. I’d say! When I come to Chicago, I’ll kill your friend. When we talked last time, you said you would buy me tickets and sent them here. I don’t agree, you’d better send cash to me.
Dennis. We should elaborate some different plan.
Aleksandra. OK, I am listening.
Dennis. Could you borrow some money from your father or parents, and I would return you all the money here in Chicago?
Aleksandra. I have no rich friends, and my father will not give me so much money.
Dennis. Maybe you know some businessman. I would pay him money back with interest. As soon as you get to Chicago, I would transfer him the money with interest via Western Union. This would be a terrific business for him.
Aleksandra. Send at least half the money for me to buy a ticket. And, I start thinking that this is bad beginning for love.
Dennis. I need no scum. I just don’t want to send you the money before I meet you. Can you understand this and see yourself in my shoes? Don’t you know a businessman in you city who wants to make some money? This is a good chance for him.
Aleksandra. You don’t want to buy tickets for me? I don’t borrow money, and stop asking me about this. The ticket costs $736, including customs tax. I have $250 and need $500.
Dennis. I want to be sure that you will not let me down, till the very end.
Aleksandra. Don’t you love me?

It is hard to say how many man proved to be more gullible, and support online blackmailer Aleksandra Krasilnikova.

Some cheated foreigners threatened the Russian female thieves with Interpol. Surprisingly, in the reply the ladies cursed at them and …also threatened to go too the police. In this regard, the letters of Lidia Rybalchenko from St. Petersburg to an elderly America is a remarkable example.

Letter N1

”I am happy I was of interest to you. Let me tell a little about myself. I was born in 1977, I am 169, 55 kilograms of weight, live in St. Petersburg. After school I studied at university and got a degree. I studied architecture and work as an architect in a big industrial company. Probably I will ask why I decided start correspondence with some man abroad. The matter is, I have doubts about the situation in Russia and its perspectives.  It has been too unstable for many years. For this reason, I would like to raise my future children in a prosperous and safe country with the man I love and trust. I would like to know more about you, about your native town and your friends. What is the most important thing in marriage for you? Do you like children? With hope, Lida”.

Lida’s wishes were granted. The elderly foreigner agreed to the offer to get a young wife and kids. The “loving couple” agreed to meet in Moscow, but the Russian girl constantly wanted her new foreign friend to be in a hurry. In the fifth letter, he read, “I cannot wait so long. Time is precious. I miss you a lot, and want need you in my life right now. I am constantly thinking about sex we will have. I hope this will be something really exciting and fantastic. Of course, you can approach our meeting, our hugging and kissing each other”.

The man believed that Lida loved him, and transferred money to Russia. Then the “girl loving kids” wrote him that she was not going to come and live with him as she … lost all his money in the casino…

The foreigner realized at last that he had been screwed, and promised he would write to Interpol about Lida. The girl replied with two letters. She proved herself as very smart.

Letter N 10

”I will return the money to you, just give me some time. I am not afraid of your bloody Interpol, because I was not going to take your money, from the very beginning. All our relationships were a mistake, don’t write me any more. You are not a gentleman, but an ordinary stupid ass! Fuck you”...

Letter N 11

”Sodomite! If so, I will write to Interpol that you sent me money so that I find  12-year-old boys for you in Russia. And I could not do it for you, pervert. I will be arrested and go to prison. Change you sexual orientation, until it is too late! And stay away from little kids!”

All these women are obviously crooks. Some of them screwed several dozens of foreign men. However, punishing them is hardly possible.

There is clause 159 in Russian Criminal Code about this kind of wrongdoing. But how to prove that the girl did not want to get married from the very beginning, and just wanted to get money from the man?

However, foreigners can be reproached for being too gullible. Here is Russia, gentlemen, everything is possible here. Meeting people in real life is better and safer.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova