Ukrainians accuse Russian paranorms

Ukrainian gymnastics federation accuses “Russian mobs” in the fact that Ukrainian sportswomen failed to earn golden medals at a European championship.

According to the federation's governing body, evil-minded Russians hired psychics, people with extrasensory abilities in order to paralyze free will of Ukrainian gymnasts during competitions. Such statement of the federation received wide publicity among Ukrainian media sources, reports PrimaNews.

European gymnastics championship took place in early June in Kiev, Ukraine. Russian Alina Kabaeva won first place. Anna Bessonova od Ukraine earned second place and received silver medal. Irina Chaschina won third place in the competition.

However, according to the federation's leadership, “insolent Russian Mafiosi” stole victory from the Ukrainian gymnasts. “Drunk members of the Russian team threatened referees during competitions, broke several windows, beat up fans…” “While being pressured by the Russian coach Irina Winer, judges from Azerbaijan and Israel had to raise scores of the Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva and Irina Chaschina,” informs Ukrainian gymnastics federation.

The federation also informs that “Russian mobs” brought fifteen paranorms to Kiev, including famous Russian medium Alan Chumak. They were seated in VIP seats on the stadium and somehow paralyzed the will of Ukrainian sportswomen; that is why the latter lost.

Alan Chumak in turn commented the accusations and called them “total nonsense.” According to him, he has not even attended the championship. He stayed at his country house in the Moscow suburbs.

Nonetheless, members of the Ukrainian federation intend to file a complaint to the International Olympic Committee and the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, reports Primanews.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov