Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Students give birth to children during exams

Young Egyptian female students study hard, but do not neglect their duties as wives and mothers, at the same time.
During the exams at university in Minuftia province, 7 students started delivery simultaneously, As-Sark al'-Ausat newspaper writes. The professors got scared and quickly took the future mothers to the university hospital. According to the newspaper, the delivery could start because the women were agitated, and this state combined with extremely hot weather in Egypt. It was so hot that the students were taking exams in a tent put in the yard as it was impossible to be inside the stuffy university building.

Despite their “special” condition, the female students should not count on an easy time. Their professors set up a special commission to examine them in the maternity ward. Their fellow-students offer such names for the newborn babies as Imtikhan (Exam), Sual (Question) and Murakyb (Inspector).