Russian universal soldier

I have always been rather skeptical about artificial intelligence and universal soldiers. However, after watching reality TV series aired on Channel 2 about secret services and their experiments with the human mind, I suddenly discovered some truth to it all.

It so happened that I personally got acquainted with a person who mastered phenomenal psych-techniques. I had a remarkable chance to witness this super-agent at work.

Restaurant scuffle

Any restaurant fight is of destructive nature. Recently, I have been a silent witness of a bloody “banquet”, in which nothing was broken.  (except for people)? I missed how it all started, but judging by the face of one of them, he intended to beat the crap out of his opponent. This was no joking matter. The aggressor was armed with a knife and a knuckleduster. I though it was the end! Suddenly, the bully’s facial expression softened, he dropped the knife and collapsed on the floor. I swear no one was even near him at that instance. The other guy no longer appeared to be a helpless victim; he sighed and uttered some indistinguishable words. His eyes started to resemble glass and his movements became extremely sharp similar to those of a clock-work toy. Not a single move appeared out of place: seven steps forward, double turn, five strikes. The result: four motionless bodies. Then another strange phrase followed and the victor quietly landed on a chair.

Police that arrived several minutes afterward did not show any interest in the “hero” right after checking his ID card. More so, they were grateful to him after recognizing recidivists in those beaten, unconscious bodies, two of which had escaped prison. Nowadays, the bandits no longer pose a threat to society; one of them has died soon after the incident, the rest will remain lifelong invalids.

“Bad work, Sergey Volkov” (name has been changed). The “superman” looked disappointed. “They all had to die.”

Ten years without rest

In actuality, Sergey is not that young. He is in his late forties and a colonel of the Russian intelligence. He looks young though due his lifestyle. Well, actually, many would consider such lifestyle of his real prison: no smoking, no drinking.

Officially, he belongs to one of subdivisions of the Army’s special services located in Khabarovsk. He doesn’t train with the rest of the group however; majority of his personal techniques cannot be disclosed. In a dark gym Volkov made something clear to me: “Every one of us is a small atomic bomb,” considers the colonel. “One just has to learn to extract this energy.”

The whole idea is not novel of course. There are plenty of Eastern combat teachings that emphasize this particular concept of man’s inner energy. To use this power however is not an easy task.

Sergey Volkov does not possess exceptional talents. He is neither clairvoyant nor a “human-X-ray machine”. Everything he knows, all skills he possesses Sergey managed to achieve himself through constant training.

He’s been involved in Eastern combat fighting since he was five. He also tried several kinds of yoga. So he definitely had the basis for turning into the ultimate weapon himself. He first decided to conduct this experiment on his own organism fifteen years ago. Since then, he’s been sculpting his body like a sculptor without rest. He follows strict diet: total celibacy, living a lifestyle of a hermit at a special military base in taiga and exhaustive daily training sessions. Sergey learned two main “focuses”: to strike with his eyesight and to enter a state of self-mummification, similar to the one used by Indian yogi (Somati).

“This isn't focus pocus!” exclaims the colonel. “This is psychophysics. Science.”

The colonel demonstrated his “mind strike” (a mixture of hypnosis, telepathy and telekinesis) during one of the training sessions in front of the entire crowd of young soldiers. Sergey knocked out several men without touching them. As for the self-mummification, this requires more effort and self control. The technique works exceptionally well for entering the enemy's camp. He is capable of undergoing complete metamorphism thus “turning” into one of the members of the enemy group.

There are only a few people like Volkov in Russian (and foreign) special services. Each one of them is hand crafted. To put the production of such men on conveyer is every army's dream. Fortunately, this cannot be done just yet. Fortunately, because no country, no matter how technologically advanced, will be capable of resisting such “zombies."

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov