Five rules to get a woman

A man should learn several rules of a seducer (“pick-upper”) to be a winner with women.
To use these principles in practice, one has to take many efforts, but will be rewarded with successful life. These principles can be applied to different spheres of human life, not only to love relationships.

First rule

There is nothing bad that I am a man and want to subdue and seduce women. I am going neither to justify my actions nor to apologize. I am doing what I want, and I am in the position to do this.

Second rule

Nobody is 100 percent insured from failures, but a failure is not the reason to be sad. It is a perfect chance to learn on your own mistakes.

Not all your failures can be caused by your bad performance. The girl can have her tights torn and feel embarrassed. Or she could have a bad day, and you will choose a bad timing for approaching her. Or you can meet the stupid or the bitch.

Accept your failure as a precious opportunity to learn. For this reason I am not scared to tell how I was turned down by girls. First, the girl demonstrated lack of good taste by turning me down. Secondly, I learned something about women’s psychology and would correct my behavior for future.

Third rule

When you communicate with girls, “pick-up” and seduce them, you enjoy yourself. If you do not enjoy this process, you are doing something wrong.

This is a very good feedback from oneself: if you feel uncomfortable when communicating with the woman, you have to think hard what to say and to do – you made some mistake. You need have more training.
When everything works out easily and you even do not have to think what to do at the next moment – you are doing all in a correct way.

Forth rule

Be more flexible!!!

Demonstrate more fantasy and improvisation. Real success can be achieved only by making improvisation and combining different methods, when one method turns into the second, the third and the fourth options, when you stop thinking about methods and then discover that you used several of them.  The day will came when you will be able to do all automatically.

Have more flexibility! Remember the anecdote:

A Georgian man is trying to get a girl. After a short talk with he, he jumps to business,

Georgian Look here, beauty. Let’s go to the sauna together today. Beer, swimming-pool…

Girl Are you crazy? I won’t go to the sauna with you!

Georgian Maybe we could take a trip in the sea in the yacht? Big yacht, sea-gulls, dolphins…

Girl I'd love to go to a yacht

Fifth rule

On the whole, our world is friendly to ourselves, and therefore those seeking will always find. Each of us have all reasons to succeed. 

Those really willing to have something and pursuing it, will inevitably have it.

Speaking of women, anybody can succeed. Every man has his strong point: some are well-educated, others are communicative or strong...

The history of the most well-known seducers demonstrated: they were neither very handsome nor extremely rich. They just knew how to treat women and use all their resources for success.  They used even the flaws in their appearance in their business - to make women feel sorry for them. 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova