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Fidel and Arafat among richest leaders

The Forbes Magazine published the rating of the richest heads of states.
King of Saudi Arabia Fahd is on the top of the list – his private capitals are $25 billion. The second is President of United Arabic Emirates sheikh Zaied al-Nahyan - $20 billion. Sultan of Brunei Hadzhi Bolkiakh earlier was considered the richest country leader, but this time he is only on the third position with the capital of $14.3 billion.

The next positions: head of Dubai Emirate sheikh Mohammed al-Mahtum and his brothers - $10 billion, Prince of Lichtenstein Hans Adam II - $2.2 billion, Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinavatra with his family – $1.4 billion.

European royal houses possess smaller capitals: Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II has $660 million (7th position) and Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix has $260 million (8th position).

Surprisingly, Palestinian and Cuban leaders are 9th and 10th on the list. Yasser Arafat has $200 million, and Fidel Castro - $150 million.

Special list was composed for the leaders of G-8 countries. The richest of them is Silvio Berlusconi ($10 billion). He owns Italian TV company Mediaset and big holdings of shares in publishing and banking business.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, previously – ship-owner, is also doing well. Before assuming the office he granted his Canada Steamship Lines company to his sons. The capitals of Canadian Prime Minister are estimated as $25 million.

President Bush’s capitals were estimated as $15 million. This includes the cost of his ranch in Texas and his holding of shares. French President Jacques Chirac and his wife own luxury real estate costing $9 million.

Professional politicians are the “poorest”. British  Prime Minister Tony Blair could save $3 million, his Japanese counterpart Junichiro Koizumi has $2 million. Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Shredder has only $1 million.

Source: Portal of Social-Democratic Policy


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