Underwear should be made of furs

Result of sexual fantasies of Russian fashion designer Alexander Petrov.
Alexander Petrov demonstrated his new collection of fur clothing in Moscow. It surprised the public: the designer produced fur underwear. In addition, he immortalized famous Black Square painting by Kazimir Malevich in his fur item.
“Malevich and me have a kindred spirit”, the designer said. “His paintings inspire me! He wanted to go over the limits of reality, I am in search of the fourth dimension as well. This reflects in my works, I am designing three- and four-dimensional garments.  One can modify such an item in any way: to adjust the length of sleeves or hood, dress it on its wrong side. This is similar to the paintings by Malevich”.

Work on the new collection was not easy.

”We had no idea if we are going to complete this job or not”, Alexander complained. “First, the floor of the building (where my studio is) collapsed, then an accident occurred - sewage system flooded my equipment. Luckily, this ended well”.


The collection is based on contrasts: firm and soft, fluffy and smooth. The fashion designer applied a highly labor-intensive technique by using metallized lace. All the clothing models were produced by hand, according to tradition. Their colors also traditional: many models are in black because our women like this color.

However, new material – sheared ermine – was used in the collection. All the rest of fur-coats are made of wolverine, badger and lynx. Alexander had to travel through the entire North Caucasus region to find the best firs. By the way, there are no two similar garments in this collection. This is the author’s fundamental principle.
While placing and order with Petrov or purchasing an item from his collection, customers will give the designer their photos. The photo will be transferred to animal skin and sewn to the item. It will be impossible to sell such a clothing item. Thieves will have to think if it is worth stealing it.
Fir underwear

Novelty by Alexander Petrov – pants and bra of sheared mink - are expensive the two items cost $300, but they are sold out very fast. Almost all the collection was sold out.

”I am wearing this underwear myself”, Alexander confessed. “I feel fine in it”.

Doctor Lev Sheglov was among the spectators at the collection demonstration.

”Will this underwear inspire men with passion?”, the designer asked.

”No doubt!”, Dr Sheglov replied.

”What inspired you to produce this collection”, the Smena reporter asked Mr. Petrov.

”My sexual fantasies”

”Your fantasies are so vivid! What is your favorite fur?”

”I have no favorite one. Any fur can look in various ways, I use each of them for expressing a certain image. I can produce anything even out of the rabbit”.  

”Did Greenpeace confront you?”

”Greenpeace is going too far. I had no contacts with this organization yet. Of course, I feel sorry for all animals. I feel sorry for cows too. But I don’t kill animals. I care about them. I have a polecat at home. Its name is Shurka (my diminutive name). We all love him.

”What are the latest trends in fur fashion?”

”The things I am doing! I am not copying Western fashions – this would turn me into an ordinary tailor. I implement only my genuine ideas, create technologies and images. All these models are entirely mine!’

Olga Gorshkova

Source: Smena

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova