Victim of terrorist act, “I was not terrified. I was intimidated”

The victims of terrorist attack in Moscow Metro continue to give new details of the tragedy.
One of the witnesses named Mikhail who had gone in the fourth Metro car said that the exploded second train car was completely destroyed. The car was overcrowded with people getting ready to get off at Circular Metro line. 
According to Mikhail, the second car passengers served as living shield – the blast wave got stuck in the crowd. Were the act of terrorism conducted not at rush-hour, more people could be killed. “The second car doors were widely opened like butterfly’s wings. It was scary to look inside”, said Mikhail.
Mikhail’s sheepskin coat was torn by glass fragments. “The smoke was acrid, and passengers started breathing through scarves and caps”. After the power was cut off in the tunnel, the passengers came to the exit encountering rescue crews on the way.
Anna Emmanuilovna was very close to the blast epicenter – she was in the third train car. She said to,
"First we all herd claps. I was sitting, but the young man standing next to me said that a girl had been thrown out through the window. I did not see fire. There were some officers in our car and they prevented passengers from panicking. I did not see dead people. When I was leaving the train car, somebody told me to watch my step because something was on the ground. It might be a piece of the car. We were walking for 30 minutes along the tunnel filled with smoke before reaching the station platform. I was not scared to die. I was intimidated. I want to leave this country”.
An ambulance doctor said to that many passengers evacuated from the train were hospitalized. The doctor mentioned the words of the woman she had treated, “After a loud clap something soft was thrown into my face. My hair was caught on fire”.
Exploded train engine driver Valery Gorelov reported the details of the accident in live interview to Rossiya TV Channel.
The engine driver says that soon after train’s leaving Avtozavodskaya station he heard a clap, and one of the windshields in his cabin got broken. Gorelov applied emergency braking, and the train stopped in several dozen meters.

The engine driver contacted traffic superintendent and told to cut off the high-voltage power in the tunnel. After receiving confirmation Gorelov opened the train doors and began evacuating people.
Vladimir Gorelov said that people were not panicking and pushing one another during the evacuation, reports.

Source: Information agencies



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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova