"Human-Mountain" marries "Lady Thin Reed"

Famous hevyweight sumo wrestler Konisiki decided to get married.

What attracked numerous journalists the most,  was the ocuple's incredible weight difference. The bride is a medical worker and weights only 48 kilograms. Her beloved husband in contrast, weights 253 kilograms.

Konishiki, who used to be a champion in sumo has taken a 28-year-old Chii Iijima as his lawful wife. The 40-year-old “Human-Mountain” is also known as “Crazy Truck” and “Meatloaf Bomb”, is considered to be the heaviest sumo fighter in the entire history of this sport.

The sumo wrestler was born in Hawaii. In 1997 he had to leave the professional tatami due to some weight problems. However, he has become a popular TV star in Japan.

Konishiki consumes an entire bucket of potatoes, chicken and beef as one meal. Afterwards, he drinks 120 bottles of beer with two and a half gallons of Tequilla and ten shots of Whiskey.

Source: NewsRu

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov