Author`s name Michael Simpson

Crown of Russian Empire Back Home

The Crown of Russian Empire, the minor crown of the Romanovs Family taken out of country more 100 years ago, is going back home
In 1891, granddaughter of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and daughter of the Prince of Nassau Sofia Merenberg married Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov in San Remo. The bridegroom presented the bride with a gold crown. The jewelry was made by the Grand Duke's order at one of the most famous jeweler's, K.Bolin.

Emperor Alexander III declared the unequal marriage invalid, and the newly married couple had to leave Russia. Sofia Merenberg and Mikhail Romanov moved to England, the unique crown left the country too. Queen Victoria granted the title of De Torby earls to Sofia Merenberg and her descendants. The Russian Empire Crown became family jewelry of the dynasty.
Recently, today's owner of the crown Marchioness Sarah Milford-Heaven has made a decision to sell the jewelry. She realized the great historic value of the crown which could not be sold as an ordinary jewelry. That is why the marchioness offered the jewelry to Russian businessman Artyom Tarasov. He asked Sarah Milford-Heaven to wait a little with sale of the relic and paid pawn and security deposit for the crown.
For the time being, the crown is in Tarasov's temporary use. According to an agreement concluded by the sides, the relic is handed over for temporary use for two months and a half, the period within which a deficient amount is to be collected. Falling which, the crown must be given back to the owner and then sold to some potential client outside Russia. 

As is known, the Russian businessman is going to ask the RF Government for assistance and conduct negotiations with companies and private persons who might assist with purchase of the crown. Artyom Tarasov wants to make an examination of the crown to define its real cost from the point of view of its cultural, historical and jewellery value. On January 12, the businessman brought the crown to Moscow with a British Airways flight.