Chilean alien twin

A detailed research of a mummified body began in Santiago on December 3, 2003. The body was discovered several weeks ago near Chile’s second district. Back then, careful examination had to be stopped for a month due to financial problems.
Today, Ramon Navia-Osoria along with the President of the Scientific Institute of Spain Raul Nunes has visited Chile’s capital. Both scientists will lead a specially organized team of scientists to examine the mummy.

Obviously, no one utters a word about aliens. However, it appears obvious at first sight that there exist no such creatures in the entire Earth’s biosphere.

Scientists remain cautious, as usual. They refrain from any remarks pertaining to the subject matter. No hypotheses have been reported so far (not publicly at least).

Apparently, this mummified body is not the first one. UFOlogists have already come in touch with similar creatures.

One of such creatures has been found dead about twenty years ago in Salinas, by Puerto Rico’s south-east coast. British UFOlogical magazine “Flying Saucer Review” has published an article with several photos. The creature depicted in that magazine article appears identical to the one found in Chile.

According to the article, a man named “Chinese” has been wandering not far away from the mountains in search of Indian relics. Suddenly, he noticed several creatures of relatively short posture (about 30 cm tall). One of them attempted to grab the guy’s leg. “Chinese” managed to step away. The creature definitely attempted to attack poor fellow. Shortly, “Chinese” grabbed a stick and smashed the creature’s head. The rest of the “team” immediately ran away.

Another interesting story happened in Kaolinovsky village of Kishtim region (Russia). Perhaps, that mummy has already acquired a nice place on a shelf in some top secret organization.
So here is this Chilean find. Hopefully, its destiny will differ from its Russian “friend.”  

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov