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Good-bye, Lenin!

Roman theatre stages a play where Putin and Berlusconi are key figures
The German film Good-bye, Lenin! has won six awards of the European Film Academy. The hero of the film is a young man from the German Democratic Republic who after the fall of the Berlin Wall still conceals radical changes in the life of the country from his mother, a staunch communist. The box office of the film in Germany has made up $40 million; it has won much success in Great Britain and France. Film agents in 68 countries have already purchased Good-bye, Lenin! The European Film Academy consists of 1,600 members dealing with cinematography. The Academy awards prizes every year; once in two years the prize is awarded in Berlin. Next year, the awarding ceremony will take place in Barcelona. This year, the Fassbinder Prize is awarded to Russia's Andrey Zvyagintsev for his film The Return, the European Film Academy Discovery 2003.

Indian film producers want to ask the government to allow them to meet with Pakistan President Pervez Musharaf. They seek lifting of the ban on showing of Indian films in Pakistan. The ban on Indian films was imposed in Pakistan over 40 years ago; however counterfeit Indian films are really very popular in Pakistan.

Transvestite Grayson Perry won the Turner Prize (20,000 pounds) for his decorative ceramics. The sculptor is famous for his vases decorated with various images of death and harassment over children. Perry was dressed in woman's clothes at the ceremony. In his speech, the sculptor thanked his wife for being his "sponsor, editor and love." The Turner Prize is awarded to artists under 50; as a rule, the laureates cause mixed reaction among the audience and critics.

The Roman Teatro Olimpico has staged a new play Two-headed Anomaly by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo. This is surreal satire where Silvio Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin are the key figures. Chechen terrorists capture them in the play. Putin tragically dies, and Italian prime minister is transplanted part of Putin's brain. Berlusconi recovers from coma having lost his memory; he now feels weakness for vodka and often recollects his service in the KGB. Dario Fo performs the role of Berlusconi. It was quite a surprise that wife of Italian prime minister, Veronica Lario spoke in support of the play. The former actress said that "censorship is abominable and unacceptable."

Picture: The Teatro Olimpico

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