Author`s name Pavel Morozov

Mystery of Russian females' attraction revealed

All the world is mad about Russian women. Western men dream of Russian wives. They fall for their English, French, Austrian girls but want to marry a mysterious Russian one. So what this mystery is?

There is a saying in America: “Heaven is: American salary, Russian wife, English house and Chinese food. A Chinese house, English food, American wife and Russian salary is hell”

Russian women can compete in popularity with Russian vodka only. Foreigners spend heaps of time and money, risking to become victims of so widespread thieves, but still come here to meet Russian girlfriends they only saw on pictures.

Large pants, old sweater, messy hair and shapeless body – it’s an image of modern western woman today. They have much more interest in career and social work than in family life. But men feel it is not right, and start their worldwide search for the right.

An attractive, feminine, clever and charming girl’s image is still in hearts of many men. They want to build a family, find a devoted and faithful wife. These qualities distinguish Russian females. They have a universal tolerance.

Most of men seeking Russian wives are over 30. Divorced with kids do not really dominate. They usually quick to inform future girlfriends they are reasonably wealthy, sending pictures of houses and cars. But often they can in fact be unemployed losers, who could have never found such a wit, beautiful girl in his circles. There are no truly reach people between them.

Russian women say: “we”, “us”, “ours”. Western females speak: “I”, “me”, “mine”. They care only of themselves.

As one man said: “It is easier to teach English to a Russian woman than teach a western one to be a good wife”.

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