Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov

Planet's sexiest people

 David Beckham has been announced planet's sexiest man of 2003 once again. In a tough competition with such stars as George Clooney and Ben Affleck David has managed to come out a winner.

Different countries love Beckham differently. He received a total of 20% of votes. Vietnam alone has given him 55% of all votes. However, Beckham received only 2% in US. George Clooney received 15% of total amount of votes. Majority of Clooney’s fans turned out to be Italians. Affleck (13%) is most popular in Germany.  
Jennifer Lopez remains the most popular woman on the planet. She is followed by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Britney Spears and Haley Berry both share third place.

Different men and women expressed their various views of the sexiest professions. Most men for instance, consider such professions as super models, nurses and doctors to be most sexy. Women in the contrary, admire male models, masseuses and firefighters. 

The most sexy nations in the world are Brazilians, Americans and French. However, under a more detailed observation, men prefer Chinese and Brazilian girls. Women in turn prefer Italian and Spanish men, reports

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