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Blind Man Works Architectural Wonders

Being absolutely blind, the man does not despair but keeps on making wonderful models
Anatoly Yankov from the city of Yoshkar-Yola, the capital of the republic of Mariy El is a wonderful man and a really talented craftsman. He makes unique models of Russian temples of ordinary matches.

Anatoly started making these models when his eyesight suddenly became worse. The man could hardly discern outlines of people and things. Anatoly had plenty of spare time in the hospital and started making match models of houses, windmills and other constructions. Then he came across the book The Russian Wooden Architecture which Anatoly studied from cover to cover. Unfortunately, soon after that the man lost his eyesight completely.

Being absolutely blind, the man attempted to recreate the beauty of the Orthodox Temples that he has seen in the book. His patience and diligence are astonishing: it takes Atanoly two or three years and about two thousand of boxes of matches to make one model of a temple.

As of today, the craftsman has made nine models of Russian churches of matches; they are 10-20 centimeters high. The best item of the collection is a model of the Transfiguration Temple with 22 cupolas from the Kizhi island. Making of a model of the Varvarinskaya Church from Karelia became particularly interesting for Anatoly Yankov.

The craftsman never sells or presents his works. It was only once that he presented a model of the bell tower from the Severodvinskoye village to blind children living in a boarding school.

Anatoly admires the Russian church architecture and says he has got much to do. This is astonishing that a blind man may be so talented and diligent.

Based on materials of the Voice of Russia radio

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