Caramel candies from Bin Laden are on sale in Kazakhstan

candiesCandies packed in boxes with Bin Laden’s photo are on sale in the shops in Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan). There is a text in hieroglyphs on their wrapper. Salespeople did not answer the my question where the candies came from.

The candies are cheap, and fro the sake of curiosity I bought one box, but I could not make myself try them. Something like caramel in the form of tiny sticks wrapped like cigarettes can hardly cause appetite. My imagination was drawing dreary pictures: as soon as the candy touches the tongue, explosion happens and … you are killed!

It is hard to guess what the candies producers wanted to say by placing Bin Laden’s photos on the boxes.

New Yorkers would be shocked after seeing the photo of the terrorist number 1 on the wrapper of the candies in a supermarket. It looks like we think nothing of this.


Author`s name Petr Ernilin