A Russian buys the world's biggest pink diamond for US$100mln

The biggest pink diamond in the world, which has been on display in Mercury gallery together with other jewelry, was bought for US$100mln by a Russian.

His name is not released, it is only known that he lives in London, and the diamond has already been sent to Moscow, and he did not attend the presentation of course.

The diamond was delivered to Moscow by Franзoise Graff, a son of the founder of the famous jewelry house, Lawrence Graff. The jewel with a diamond necklace was put to a transparent cub, like other exhibited gems. The diamond of 70.39 karats has a classic tear-like shape, and distinguished from cheaper white and yellow gems and from the more expensive blue ones by a hardly noticed pinkish cast. Because of this natural characteristic, one karat of this gem is valued at about US$1.6mln, and the overall cost exceeds US$100mln. Jewelers state that this is minimal price, and the necklace made of it costs much more.

According to Mercury management, majority of the exhibited gems has customers already. However, one could not assume this observing the guests: most of them commented that one can not leave the house in such jewelry in our country.

On the other hand, as the purchase of the biggest pink diamond proves, the real clients do not visit cocktail parties and prefer remain incognito.

Author`s name Pavel Morozov