Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the Scene Again

Alexander Solzhenitsyn is still scaring himself and other people with the GULAG
People such as former dissidents, former emigrated intellectuals and former persecuted "white patriots" who are gradually returning back to Russia are really restless people. These academicians, laureates and honorary members of different organizations still continue their struggle, appear at round-table discussions, symposiums, publish historic novels and write for the press. And even though these people have never enjoyed the universal support in this country, we all the same listen to what they say. We do discuss what they say, argue about their conclusions, or just listen to them attentively and try to understand what they mean, agree or disagree with their statements. Today, both the democratic and the patriotic press publish stories about these people.

It seems that the objective these people have been pursuing has been finally reached: the Soviet Union no longer exists and Russia is turning into "a legal democratic state". But these people are still very active; they continuously throw mud at the recent past. They appear almost every day to demonstrate their resentful, undisguised chronic anti-Sovietism and their wonderfully disguised Russo-phobia.

Does it mean that the Russian Soviet civilization still exists? Is this still "the Soviet people with the common kernel of the ideals concerning the world outlook; with the common perception and understanding of the justice"? (An extract from the book by Sergey Kara-Murza).  

It means that collection of the Russian territories may start once again; this time it will take place not around Moscow or Kiev as long ago but around Russia. These are going to be not Russians by birth, but those who are Russians in their spirits, in their devotion to some definite values and ideas. In other words, the process is very much the same as the rise and creation of a grand Soviet project, the Soviet state.

Then, everything may resume its normal course, and historic and crushed Russia may finally revive.

Why is this long philosophic introduction? The matter of the fact is that the central pillar of the anti-Soviet culture elite, Alexander Solzhenitsyn has once again us. At that, he has done it so explicitly and roughly. His appearance is accompanied with long publications in the Russian central press. Probably, he does not want other people to think he has gone. 

Alexander Solzhenitsyn says: "It has been obviously decided to defile me as a personality, to stain and trample my name. The calumny that has suddenly appeared and was launched on the Internet and further spread by the Russian-language newspapers abroad - on the one hand, and the few years that are still remain for me to live - on the other hand make me respond."  In the headline of his publication, Alexander Solzhenitsyn says that "People Used to Darkness Do Not Look for the Light".  

Let us not go into the details of Solzhenitsyn's works and into his polemics and squabbles with different outstanding persons. These details can be obtained in the publications in the Russian newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda and Literaturnaya Gazeta.

In fact, Alexander Solzhenitsyn is still scaring himself and other people with the GULAG. He still cannot calm down and become quiet.

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova