Nadezhda Continues Voyage Around the World

NadezhdaOn Tuesday, the Nadezhda, a frigate attempting to circumnavigate the world, left the Canary Islands and headed for Brazil. The vessel should arrive in Rio de Janeiro on November 10th.

The expedition press center reported, the cadets of Maritime State University from Vladivostok (the Far East) which the Nadezhda belongs to visited the historic bay the ships of the Russian expedition under the command of Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yuri Lisyansky called at.

En route from London to Canary Islands the cadets and the captain of the frigate participated in two TV hook-ups - with Minister of Transport of Russia Sergei Frank, and with Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kasyanov. The questions of maritime education and training practice in sailing were discussed.

The Nadezhda sailing ship set out on a training voyage round the world from Vladivostok on January 25, 2003. The round-the-world voyage is financed mainly by Russia's Ministry of Transport.

The round-the-world voyage of the Vladivostok cadets is dedicated to the bicentenary of the first round-the-world voyage of Russian sailors under Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yuri Lisyansky. The current route is maximally approximated to the route of the historic voyage.

A Russian scientific expedition for studying environmental problems and the processes of the World Ocean is staying on board the sailing vessel together with the crew and the cadets.

The sailing ship will return to Vladivostok in spring 2004. Its route includes Brazil, Falkland Islands, Cape Horn, Easter Island, Tahiti, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan and South Korea.

Anatoly Ilyukhov, RIAN

Author`s name Petr Ernilin