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Polar Nights Provoke Suicides

Even teenagers commit suicide in Russia's Nenetsk autonomous district

Psychiatrists claim that key factors having a negative effect upon the human psyche are climate conditions (lack of sunshine and oxygen, as in Nenetsk tundra) and social factors such as alcoholism. For example, 2,300 people out of the 41,000 living in the Nenetsk autonomous district are registered as suffering from schizophrenia, epilepsy and psychopathy. And, this is not including people with troubled nervous systems, as well as those suffering from different neurosises. 

Psychiatrists estimate that the incidence of mental disorders is increasing in the district every year. In 2002 allow, incidences of mental disorders increased 18 per cent as compared to the year before. Psychiatrist Viktor Yanzinov told the Russki Sever news agency that military registration and enlistment offices are of great help to discover people suffering from mental disorders. Thus, 60 per cent of conscripts are declared to be partially unable for military service due to health problems and mental disorders. Others are find to have personality disorders, neurological conditions and and suffer from alcoholism. These are conscripts of 18-27 of age.

The number of alcoholics in the Nenetsk autonomous district is smaller than that of psychiatric patients who made up 1,809 registered patients in 2002. Viktor Yanzinov says it is while under the influence of alcohol some people consider suicide. However, the doctor says that such social phenomena as unemployment, no accommodation of their own and loneliness are also strong factors that influence many to consider suicide as well. Together with psychiatric patients, alcoholics and jobless people, new settlers also belong to the risk group.  

Experts say that relocation is as a strong emotional experience, causing intense stress. The number of children who are genetically predisposed to alcoholism and mental diseases is increasing. Forecasts issued by doctors is not comforting at all as they cite that the incidence of mental diseases and alcohol addiction will increase in the Nenetsk autonomous district. Like in Russia in general, these are mostly men who commit suicide in the district. While the age of people committing suicide is 40-57 years in Russia in general, there are teenagers and yound adults who are inclined to commit suicide in the Nenetsk autonomous district. Over half of the suicides commited are the district's aboriginal population.  

A new program meant to support the scanty aboriginal population is adopted in the district every year, but solving the problem of alcoholism has never been addressed. The sum to be appropriated from the budget in 2004 to support the aboriginal population is 39 million rubles, but not a single kopeck is to be spent on the alcohol treatment. Committing suicide by hanging oneself is the most common method in the Nenetsk autonomous district; guns are traditionally never used for this purpose. The highest rate of suicide was registered in 2001 when the lives of people at the age of 30-40 were tragically claimed (27 people, the total number of suicides). The peak of unemployment was registered in the district the same year.  In 1999, 25 people committed suicides in the district which is also very high rating. Doctors make no forecasts yet concerning the number of suicides that may be committed this year. The police reports that two men have committed suicide by hanging themselves in the Nenetsk autonomous district over the past week.