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Were Cro-Magnons Biologically Engineered by Extraterrestrials?

Indeed, how to answer this question? Were we or were not?  I believe the following answer may be true
Scientists cannot find the "Missing link", i.e. the form that was an immediate ancestor of the original Homo Sapiens, referred to as the Cro-Magnon man; while they found and continue finding remains of many less advanced forms that existed much time before.

In the mean time, the remains of this form, the supposed immediate ancestor that evolved into Homo Sapiens, should be met often enough (just like those of Neanderthal, moreover this form, which was not Homo Sapiens' ancestor, existed approximately at the same time): else how could this form engender the Cro-Magnons? Evolution takes many generations, and next generation has more representatives of a species than the previous one. The probability of finding remains increases with the number of generations and beings lived.

If scientists cannot find such a form, while they find many less advanced forms, this may mean for %99.9 that this form never existed, and that the original Homo Sapiens was genetically engineered. By whom? 

I believe the answer is evident: by certain intelligent beings, of extraterrestrial origin. (If we assume these intelligent beings were of terrestrial origin, i.e. were non-human intelligent species who lived on the Earth and who reached such a level of development that could engineer the Homo Sapiens, then the situation will be yet more complex than with the "Missing link", since no remains of any other intelligent beings for those times were found. And if we assume they buried their dead so that no remains would have been found, then how could they do that at the level they reached before, i.e. when they were not as advanced as when they buried their dead in the described way? Could they have found and buried (burnt?) all of their dead? Remark that they should have been many enough, else how could they create such a developed civilization that was supposedly able to biologically engineer such species like Homo Sapiens? Unless we assume that intelligent octopuses or dolphins -- sea inhabitants -- could have created a civilization and engineered an intelligent primate...)

Many scientists think that the creation issue is simply this: Our existence, the universe and everything we observe was a product of either:
A. Creation = Intelligent design
B. Chance or Random Occurrence = Evolution

I don't think that, with the level of science reached nowadays, scientists can duly discuss and solve the problem of creation of the entire Universe (galaxies, stars, planets, satellites etc.), but perhaps the problem of emergence of life and intelligent life can be discussed in the following way...

Calculations show that the chance for emergence of life and moreover intelligent life is very low ("it is more likely that a hurricane could compose a new Boeing aircraft from the fragments of a broken one lying on the ground"). But the Universe is giant -- endless -- so this chance did take place, and the life, and then the intelligent life emerged. The civilization that was created by this intelligent life -- we can call this civilization God -- began creating life/intelligent life in other star systems (besides what we call aliens' bases in star systems, or giant mother ships), and maybe it was not only the life and bases that this civilization created, but also some star systems, planets, their satellites, quasars, and...

The issue here is that the Universe is not only endless, but also eternal, and this means that the process similar to the one described above may have taken place many (innumerable?) times in its different (innumerable) parts...

By Der Voron, author of the book "Starcraft"