Russian girls for rich Arabs

Police officers managed to trace an international organization that was trafficking beautiful Russian girl to Arab Emirates

Woman named Lyusa was wearing gorgeous clothes. She was talking to the girls, boasting of her working experience in Arab Emirates: "I was working there as a waitress, it was a thousand dollars a month." Lyusa was playing a hoax on them - she was given a thousand rubles for her story. When surprised provincial girls started wondering, if they could get such a good job, Lyusa said that there was such an opportunity. She said they should call Zurab Aliyev - he was playing the role of an "employment agency."

"My mother, - Zurab was saying, - owns a restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant serves Russian meals, that is why they hire the Russian personnel. The work is not hard - there are many clients, but it takes them long to eat. You serve a table and then you may take a break. At times, clients invite a waitress to eat with them, which is not prohibited. However, if a hot-blooded Arab man starts flirting, the security kick him out of the restaurant. There is no risk. Accommodation and food is free. The salary is $1,000 a month."

Needless to mention, it is very hard for a young, inexperienced, provincial girl not to agree to have such an attractive job. Of course, Aliyev did not tell anyone that it was not actually a restaurant, but a brothel.

Natasha Rakhimbayeva came to Russia from Uzbekistan with her distant relative, who was like a mother to her. They were rather poor. Natasha decided to improve her financial position. At the Rostov airport, she managed to steal a passport, who belonged to a woman named Natasha Zakharova (born in 1970). She changed the owner's photograph to the one of her distant relative, who was in her late forties. It is not clear why the people, who Natasha was dealing with, did not notice the difference. With the help of the forged passport, Natasha managed to borrow some money from her neighbors and friends.

Natasha Rakhimbayeva used to go to dancing and photographing classes. When she came to the city of Novocherkassk, the fraudster decided to use that knowledge. She rented several offices in the city and published advertisements to hire young girls to work for a modeling company. There were a lot of volunteers. Natasha was photographing them, she was teaching them how to dance and how to walk like a model. Her services were not free of charge, of course. Having finished in one part of the city, she moved over to another one, without paying the office rent.

Rakhimbayeva and Aliyev got acquainted with each other in the city of Shakhty. Zubab suggested a partnership. Natasha was supposed to advertise the work in the United Arab Emirates.

"Working" in Novocherkassk, Natasha met a young man named Nikolay. They started dating. Rakhimbayeva was interested in Nikolay's 16-year-old sister, Nadya. She was a very pretty girl, a straight-A student at school. However, there was no future for her - she was a perfect candidacy to "work as a waitress." Nikolay and Natasha split up very soon and the man went to a monastery to pray for forgiveness of his sins.

At first, Natasha offered Nadya to go to the United Arab Emirates to purchase a large batch of cellular phones. She promised, the trip would be absolutely free. When Nadya was preparing to travel, the trip was suddenly cancelled. Natasha said, there was a better variant - to work at Zurab Aliyev's restaurant in Dubai. The two fraudsters obtained a forged passport for the girl, and she finally left for Dubai in March of the current year. There is a law in the United Arab Emirates: women under 30 years of age are allowed to come to the country only if they are accompanied by a man (a husband, a brother, or any other relative). Nadya was travelling alone - apparently, one may come to consent with Arabs too.

Nadya's mother personally agreed to let her daughter travel to the Emirates. However, Nadya simply disappeared in Dubai - she did not make any calls, she did not write any letters. The woman went to police. Alexander Grushev, spokesman for the local police department said, Zurab was detained in the town of Shakhty. Nadya's mother remembered Natasha Rakhimbayeva was saying he had a shop there. Rakhimbayeva herself was nabbed in the settlement of Melikhovskaya, where she was hiding from numerous creditors. Interpol is currently searching for Nadya in the Emirates, her whereabouts are not known yet.

They allow Nadya to call home every Friday for about a month. To all appearance, she talks in someone else's presence. The under age girl begs her mother to take her home. It is not known, how many girls have suffered from the fraudsters. Police officers say, several girls were lucky to return to Russia from the Emirates. One of the women arrived wearing just a dress, she did not have her underwear on - Arabs punished her for bad services. The woman told the police, she had been sold to Arab brothels twice - for seven and eleven thousand dollars. The woman is not willing to talk to the police - she does not want her mother to learn about what happened. About a dozen of female residents of Novocherkassk were going to become "waitresses" - they were lucky to avoid that experience.

Olga Sidorova

Author`s name Olga Savka