Population Census To Reveal Situation in Russian Families

Population census results are to be finally published by the end of this year

One-third of Russian children are misbegotten. This was said by Vladimir Zorin, Minister for National Affairs, who referred to the results of the Russian population census. The minister pointed out, the census of 2002 gave a real possibility to learn about the virtual marriage condition of Russian citizens, because the question of marriage in questionnaires did not have a requirement to present any specific documents.

The population census also registered the information about the birth rate without any documents either. "All these things will help to reveal the real state of things in Russian families," the minister said.

In addition, the census contained questions about people's employment and it also specified nationalities, which was conducted for the first time in the history of censuses. Vladimir Zorin said, census results about the number of the Russian population were to be exposed until September 30th, 2003. The results will also describe the situation with people's distribution on Russia's territory, the age and the sex structure, the national structure, the situation with marriage and several other aspects.

Final results of the population census are to be summed up until December 30th of the current year. The census will also reveal people's economic activity, the migration, the birth rate, housing conditions and education.

The minister said, the results would be officially published and distributed in federation units. According to the first results of the population census, Russia's constant population makes up 145.2 million people.

On the picture: The label of the Russian population census 2002

Author`s name Olga Savka