Putin's Last Love: Foreign Actress Makes Sensational Confession

The actress indulges in revelations. Something might have been between the Russian president and the actress who performed the role of Nikita
It is not clear yet who was the initiator. Western tabloids found a Monica Lewinski of his own for the Russian President Putin. This is Australian actress Peta Wilson, 32, known by the series Nikita. The Sun reports revelations of the actress and says that Russia President Putin allegedly wooed her at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2001.

According to The Sun, the Australian actress was one of the guests invited to the International Film Festival in Moscow in 2001. Together with other guests Peta Wilson took part in the official events of the festival, including a dinner that festival president Nikita Mikhalkov organized in his house.

Many of the guests were very popular people but the arrival of Russia President Putin became the highlight of the program. The Sun reports that everybody noticed the Russian president paid particular attention to the Australian actress which in its turn made Peta’s fiance jealous. However, the guests didn't emphasize the fact then.

Two years after that dinner, the Australian actress decided to tell journalists what actually happened between her and the Russian president at that dinner. 

When Vladimir Putin came to the dinner organized by Film Festival President Nikita Mikhalkov in his house in the settlement of Nikolina Gora near Moscow, Peta Wilson was among other guests together with her boyfriend Damian Harris. The Russian president immediately drew attention of the Australian actress; Peta was pleased with Putin's gallantry and started talking to him. Vladimir Putin said he was an old fan of the actress and admired her role in the series Nikita, The Telegraph reports with reference to The Sun.    

While Putin was talking to Peta Wilson, the security of the Russian president let Damian out of the room where they stayed so that the president couldn't be confused with his presence. As it turned out, Vladimir Putin presented Peta with a diamond necklace as a sign of his admiration. Then, the newspaper says, the Russian president treated the actress to vodka and canape. Not to disappoint the Russian president, Peta Wilson smiled and pretended that was a pleasure for her.  But in fact, Peta says, she was embarrassed and was anxious about her boyfriend. In the interview to the tabloid Peta Wilson said: "Putin hit on me. He was gushing – feeding me and telling me about vodka. My boyfriend was beside me, but then I looked around and he wasn't there. It was a nightmare."

It is quite natural that Russian journalists evinced great interest in the revelations of the Australian actress. The newspaper Zhizn decided to stand up for the good name of the Russian president. The Russian newspaper reports that Peta Wilson is exaggerating. In fact, the guests of Nikita Mikhalkov noticed nothing unusual in Vladimir Putin's attitude to the actress during the dinner. What is more, the host, Nikita Mikhalkov says that Peta Wilson overdrank and started flirting with the president right in the presence of her boyfriend.

Nikita Mikhalkov told journalists that Vladimir Putin behave like a gentleman with respect to the drunk woman, but finally the security had to shove Peta back. He also revealed the secret of the diamond necklace presented to Peta Wilson. According to the president of the Moscow film festival, it was not a necklace but a pendant that Vladimir Putin presented to the Australian actress on behalf of the Mercury jewelry company in presence of all the guests. The Russian president himself had no connection with the present. So, the attempt to organize a Russian Monicagate is doomed to failure. Nikita Mikhalkov adds: "When Peta Wilson blames the Russian president for importunity she indulges in wishful thinking."    
To tell the truth, both newspapers indulging in the dispute are already known by their specific reputations. London's Sun likes reporting that Anna Kournikova got married; publications of this kind appear in The Sun at least once year or so.  According to the British newspaper, Anna's last husband was hockey player Sergey Fyodorov. The Russian newspaper Zhizn in its turn likes publications about Russian popular stars. 

It makes sense to add that Peta Wilson looks more preferable than Russian beauty Oksana Fyodorova whom western tabloids called "a secret passion of the Russian president" some time ago. Certainly, Nikita has no military rank and the title of Miss Universe, but her origin is good. Peta Wilson is a daughter of a retired officer Wilson Darsey; her brother is still working an army driver in Australia.       

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Author`s name Michael Simpson