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Plastic Surgeon of Popular Stars Robbed, Sensational Archives Stolen

Publication of the archives may cause many scandals
The other day Moscow apartment of famous European plastic surgeon Stefano Verardi was robbed. The surgeon performed plastic surgery on popular stars, cinema actors and politicians. The thieves stole expensive medicines and secret archives of the doctor. It is known that Stefano Verardi did plastic surgery for Russian popular singer Alla Pugachova.

The Italian professor lives in Russia; however he learnt about the robbery just in several days. Since June 6, Stefano Verardi practiced in other countries. The professor from the Tor Vergato University, member of the International Society of dermatological surgery and oncology has many clients in Europe. 

When he got back to his Moscow apartment he was shocked to see that ampoules with his medicine, surgery instruments and video archives of his operations disappeared. Although the professor was shocked with the incident, he spent the next day performing operations and holding consultations in cosmetology clinics of Moscow.

When the investigation finally got an opportunity to talk to Stefano Verardi, he said: "It is an extremely unpleasant incident. I cannot imagine who might steal my things. The problem is that not all of my colleagues may use the stolen medicine as it is rather specific. The same concerns my surgery instruments and other things."

It is no doubt that it was not an ordinary thief that broke into the professor's apartment. The robbers easily penetrated into the apartment and professionally forced the lock. They didn't take away expensive video and audio devices. To all appearances, the archives and the medicine were the main object of the house-breaking. It is known that plastic surgeons take lots of pictures of a patient's face before operations. The pictures are made so that surgeons could demonstrate all steps of plastic operations immediately on the face depicted on the photo. As soon as a rehabilitation period of clients is over, more new pictures are also made and included into the archives.

Many of Verardi's clients are famous people, they wouldn't like their facelift publicly announced. The archives disappearance may become a shock for them. Pictures from the professor's archives may cause lots of scandals if published in the gutter press.

Stefano Verardi says: "I am going to pay one thousand dollars to a man who may restore the loss. It is a nice premium; if the thieves broke into my apartments accidentally and now have no idea what can be done with the stolen things, they may bring them back to me."

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