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Child Prodigy May Become Economist at 15

12-year girl performs better than university students in some disciplines
Everybody speaks about intellectual faculties of a modest young girl at a prestigious Moscow university; she has become some kind of a legend there. The child prodigy completed the course of ten classes in a specialized mathematics school and joined the senior 11th form where her sister studied. Kseniya left school with honors.

At the age of four Kseniya learnt the alphabet and arithmetic on her own. Then she told her parents about the strong desire to go to school. The parents couldn't resist the girl's persistence. Kseniya's logical way of thinking and astonishing memory became wonderful recommendations for admission to the first form.

The child prodigy studied at home. At first, her mother was a strict examiner, and then the function was performed by teachers only. Almost all of the school staff came to listen to Kseniya at examinations. She wonderfully knows the Russian language and literature; she has proved it by reading Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" by heart.

By the age of 12 Kseniya Lepeshkina completed the general education course; the excellent student managed to study very serious disciplines such as chemistry, physics and a foreign language for less than a month! As soon as the girl completed her school studies, even without getting her excellent secondary education certificate, Kseniya went to Moscow's Financial Academy at the President of Russia.

The entrance examination commission was surprised to see the young girl. Kseniya demonstrated wonderful knowledge of such subjects that often pose problems even to diligent students. Kseniya talked perfect English with the examiners.

Professors and tutors of the Financial Academy saw such a phenomenon for the first time and unanimously decided to take the girl in. During the summer months Kseniya will have to chose a faculty of the Financial Academy for future studies. It is not ruled out that the child prodigy may get a diploma of an economist at the age of 15, already in three years. The girl is making large-scale plans.

Specialists comment on such an unusual phenomenon. Psychiatrist Alexey Svetlov says that Kseniya's example is mere acceleration. It is not considered to be pathology from a scientific point of view. However, as experience shows, children with accelerated intellectual development have psychic functions that develop slower. Being adult, such people experienced heavy stresses more often than other people. "My recommendation for Kseniya is to make a short break in her studies. She can use it for going in for sports. I would recommend parents not to do children prodigy of their kids. Children mustn't overwork for the sake of one more excellent mark."

Maria Kuzmina
Ural Public Vedomosti

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