Russian Music Very Popular in Japan

Japanese music fans know a lot of Russian songs

The Tatu boom has been going on for two or three months in Japan. Japanese music fans are snatching up the album of the Russian notorious pop duo. Music stores play All The Things She Said all the time, the record is number one in Japan. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina's video to the song Not Gonna Get Us is one of the most popular music videos in Japan too. One may not stay indifferent to the Russian pop phenomenon - Japan even has the Tatu clone.

Of course, it is very pleasant to realize that the Russian duo is very popular in Japan. Yet, do the Japanese know anything else about the Russian music? As it turns out, Japanese students hold sports competitions to the music of the old Russian song Landyshy (Lilies of the Valley). Another Russian song Krasny Sarafan (Red Dress) is included on the educational program for junior Japanese students.

Russian music in Japan is played not only at schools, but in other places too, in supermarkets, for example. Japanese karaoke bars have a selection of Russian songs too, in the Japanese interpretation of course. The song called Million Alykh Ros (Million of Scarlet Roses) is very popular, the Japanese even take it for their own song. A lot of old Russian songs have been translated in the Japanese language. Japanese people say that they are attracted to the melody and hearfulness of the Russian music, they love such songs as Podmoskovniye Vechera, Kalinka, Tonkaya Ryabina, and others. They even say that the style of Russian songs is very similar to melodic Japanese songs. The Japanese even know legendary Russian singer Vladimir Vysotsky, although his songs were translated from the French language.

Igor Zhgilev

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov